Wednesday, 11 February 2015

My bedroom at night

I remember

the warm smell

of nothingness.

My own heartbeat,

seemed as loud

as the steps

of a wandering elephant.

The darkness.

The shapes as black as

space with no stars,

wobbling like a

leaf in the wind.

The softness of the blanket

like sun on concrete,

only much softer,

moved with my tossing

body, like a shadow.


  1. Well done on getting your blog underway for 2015. I am looking forward to reading more. Mr A.

  2. I get a real sense of quietness from this piece of writing. I bet you are dreaming of another night like this now you have Iris keeping you awake! I wonder if you could write a piece to contrast this one?

  3. Wow Naima!
    I love the part when you say 'My heartbeat sounds like a wandering elephant.
    WOW, keep the great writing up!
    I love your writing so much that I will always comment.

  4. OMG I loved that piece of writing it was FANTASTIC