Sunday, 15 March 2015

Spy cat

“I tell you its not good enough!” yelled Super Dog. “I want that Spy Cat Captured!” “But your dogginess…” “QUIET! I am forcing you to catch him!” “Yes your dogginess.” Super Dog’s voice went low into a whisper. It was almost so quiet the second-in-charge puppy could hardly hear. “And if that spy cat steals another one of my ice cream recipes I will throw you to the crocodiles. DO YOU UNDERSTAND???” “Yes, your dogginess.” “Good. NOW LEAVE ME!!!”
The second-in-charge puppy trudged down the stairs. He walked into his office and slumped into his chair. He started to make a plan.


Meanwhile, Spy Cat sat in the sun in his garden and licked an ice-cream that he had stolen from Super dog. It was a Strawberry and hazelnut swirl. When he had finished his ice cream he picked up his book. It was a hot day and soon Spy Cat fell asleep.
Spy cat woke to the sound of footprints and the smell of dogs. DOGS!?!? Spy Cat glanced around. He was surrounded by Super Dogs Army, with the second-in-charge puppy at the front. They were all pointing marshmallow guns at him.
But it would have taken more than a mere army to defeat Spy Cat. He pulled out an electrical sword and a water pistol and flew up into the air (He had flying powers).
But the second-in-charge puppy hit him with a marshmallow gun! Down Spy Cat fell… Down… Down… Down…
BOING!!! Onto his safety trampoline he fell. Up and Down… Up and Down… Up and Down…
Every time a dog tried to catch him he bounced out of reach. Then the second-in-charge got onto the trampoline and held out his arms to catch Spy cat next time he came down. But Spy Cat was heavy and when he came down he squashed the dog like a pancake. Then Spy Cat jumped from the trampoline into the window and locked himself in the house.


“WHY YOU…” Back at Super Dog’s castle, the second-in-charge was getting his payback for NOT capturing Spy Cat. “TO THE CROCODILES!” Two guards came in the room, grabbed the second-in-charge by the arms and flung him out the window into the waiting crocodile’s mouth.
Now time to get a new second-in-charge, thought Super Dog.

The End.


  1. Great story
    I like the ideas you have used!

  2. I am more concerned about the second-In-charge dog than anything! I love your story Naima because it is funny and entertaining. PLEASE MAKE MORE!!!!!!! I love animal stories because the animals always have really cool styles and are also really funny.