Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Super Teacher.

Once upon a time there was a really cool teacher called Mrs. Pageot. She was really fun. She let all the kids in her class have an extra half hour to lunch time, if someone didn't bring a hat she always had some really fancy spare ones, and she made maths really really really fun.

But there was an evil kidnapper who had three kids. They had a really nasty teacher called  Mr. Mean. He never bought spare hats, lunch time was ten minutes long and the only lesson he taught was maths. And he did not even make it fun.

The kidnapper had heard about Mrs. Pageot, and he wanted his kids to have a teacher like her. So he decided to think of a plan to kidnap Mrs. Pageot.

One night, when Mrs. Pageot was getting some really fun artwork set up for the next day, the kidnapper sneaked up to the window. Suddenly he smashed through the window and laughed.

Unfortunately, the kidnapper's laugh was very loud, and the next door teacher, Mrs. Bentall,heard it. She was shocked to see the kidnapper in Mrs. Pageot 's classroom. At once she phoned up Superkid.

Super kid's real name was Naima. She always came to the rescue with her apprentices, Sophie Watt and Carys Evans. So when Mrs. Bentall phoned up and told Naima about the kidnapping, Naima got her apprentices ready, packed a snack of some chocolate biscuits for afterwards, and set off for Waimairi School.

And she was just in time,too. She peeked behind a tree and saw the kidnapper walking out of the door, dragging Mrs. Pageot behind him.

Naima grabbed a stick, ran up and whacked the kidnapper on the head. The kidnapper yelled, and ran out of the school gate, out of bryndwr and never came back again.

Mrs. Pageot was very happy. Naima said that she could have some of their chocolate biscuits that she had packed.

And no-one ever tried to kidnap Mrs. Pageot again.

The End.


  1. I love your writing!

  2. I really love this Naima!
    I agree that Mrs Pageot is an awesome teacher
    I love your writing, keep it up!

  3. Your creativity could never end! I love your writing so much, it's so entertaining. I like the idea of being your apprentice! And I wouldn't mind having fun maths either! KEEP WRITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)