Tuesday, 28 April 2015


Nooooooo! Not a bath!!!!! The walking talking bathtub ran closer and closer, holding a scrubbing brush in its hand.
I shook my head, losing my thoughts. It was a cold evening, and I was sitting in the living room. I had just had a terrible thought that all the bathtubs in the world came alive, and washed everyone. Did I tell you that I hated baths when I was little? Hated them. Suddenly a shadow fell on me. I gasped. It was one of the walking talking bathtubs. It reached out with one deathly hand.

"Time for a bath!"
Phew! It was only my dad. To think I had thought he was a bathtub. He is completely the wrong shape and colour. "What did you say?" "Naima, the bath is running." Nooooo!! I thought. The bathtubs are real!!! "And you're not getting away this time." Yes I will! I thought. I immediately smashed through the wall, down the hall, knocked the bookshelf down and hid under mum and dad’s bed. OK, I didn't smash the wall down, but you get the idea. I scrambled under the bed. That was when I saw the furry body, the round ears, the slithery tail.

"Dad! There's a mouse under the bed!"
"Funny joke."
"There is!" Now the overwhelming shock of seeing a live (OK, I mean dead) mouse under the bed was too much.

This was worse than the walking talking bathtubs. I ran to my bedroom, crying. Dad came in. "Naima?"
"Yes?" I hoped that dad was going to say that it was a mouse made of candy and was completely harmless.
"Its not a mouse." I breathed a sigh of relief. "Its a rat." I started screaming like crazy. Then I realized the good point.
No bath!!!


  1. Yes that was a present from Mingus!

    1. I love Mingus's idea of a gift....

    2. I don't think you will once you see one!

  2. I really like the words you use in the story and the way you made it as so the bath tub was chasing after me and I feels the same about showers.

  3. I really like this Naima!
    I feel the same about showers!
    You really captured at the start when you said 'the walking talking bathtub is chasing me'
    You made a really vivid picture for me in my head.
    You really made me have different emotions like when your dad said "It's not a rat" I felt so relieved!
    "It's a rat" And then I felt scared!

  4. I feel the exact same when I have to get into the shower!!! I hate them. I mean, what is the point of having one when your going to get dirty again. ��; waste of time. Anyway, the way you described seeing the mouse on the tramp poles sent shivers up my spin.

    1. Um... I think you are getting mixed up. YOU are the one who wrote about the mouse on the tramp poles. I wrote about one under my mum and dads bed. Thanks for commenting, though!