Friday, 29 May 2015

Naima and the amazing cat people chapter two

I woke up. For some reason I felt I was not alone. I opened my eyes. Sitting on my chest was a tiny little cat, as big as my finger. He was naked and shivering to the bone. His teeth were chattering. I sat up and he immediately fell off my chest onto my feet. He was sitting cross-legged with his arms wrapped around himself. But he was still shivering.

Then I noticed the others. Lots of them. They were tucked up in my bed. One was even clinging onto my hair. Without thinking I said, “Do you mind getting off my head?” The cat shrieked and let go at once, tumbling down my back and onto my pillow. I jumped out of bed. I was too amazed to be frightened. It did not look like these creatures could bite. “Right. What you need is something warm. Why don't you snuggle in my bed? I have been in it, and it will be nice and warm.” To my surprise I sounded as if I had known these cats all my life. I climbed down the ladder to get them something to eat, but I fell down and landed with a “BUMP” at the bottom. I heard the shrieking and yelling in my bed. “If you don’t quiet down I will not get you anything to eat!” I said. That made them quiet. Then I realised what I had said. “Sorry.” I mumbled, and scuttled out of the room.

I Pulled on my blue furry dressing gown and slipped my feet into my warm slippers. They were really boots made out of cotton with fur inside them. I snuggled my feet thankfully inside them. Then I went to the kitchen and made myself a bowl of cornflakes with oat milk. Then I remembered the cats in my room were hungry, so I made another bowl.

I carried the two bowls into the bedroom, and put one on the floor so I could get up the ladder holding the other bowl. I set it on the bed. I heard exited meowing as the cats ran to the bowl. I heard some slurping and burping. Gee! Those cats really need some lessons in manners when they are eating!

I climbed up the rungs and looked at the bowl. The cat’s had drunk all the milk, but the lonely little corn-flakes were still sitting, sadly, in the bowl.

The biggest cat burped.

“Excuse me,” I said, “But why will you not eat your cornflakes?” The cat looked at me scornfully. “Because,” he said in a slimy way, “We are cats. We dislike cornflakes.” “Just try one. I promise, they are delicious.” The cat frowned, and took a wobbly step to the bowl. Then he daintily picked up a cornflake. He held it up to the light to inspect the colour. Then sniffed it. I sighed. “Just shove the whole thing in your mouth.” I said. “Stop interrupting.” snapped the cat. I just rolled my eyes.

Finally, the cat lifted the cornflake and shoved the whole thing in his mouth. He chewed a while, inspecting the flavour of soggy cornflake. Then spat it out all over on my bed. “Pah! Yucky, Yucky!” He exclaimed.

I sighed. “Wait there.” I said. I had an idea. I looked in my basket of material. I had 20 pieces of cloth. Then I went back to my bedroom and took one cat to the art studio. Then I made a tiny shirt, a pair of trousers and socks. The cat looked very pleased with himself in his new cloths. Then I did this to all the cats, and it took a really long time. But they all thought they looked very smart.


  1. I loved the start of this Naima!
    It really hooks me in and surprises me too.
    Well done, your writing is wonderful! Keep it up

    1. Thanks for the comment Mr or Mrs Anonymous!

    2. Mrs. Sophie W!😄

  2. WOW! I loved that Naima Keep that amazing writing up!