Thursday, 14 May 2015

Naima and the amazing cat people.

Chapter one

I watched as a flock of ducks headed south.


It was a rainy day and I was trapped inside like a fly in a spider web. The rain was enough to wash me away with its flooding.

Sorry! Let me introduce myself.

I am Naima. I live by myself in a house. I look after a vegetable patch, wild garden, and loads of fun stuff. But today I did not want to play chess, write stories, play with my jig-saw puzzles or read my Beast Quest series.

Usually I love reading Beast Quest. And when I say “Loved” I mean “Loved”. But today I had finished all my Beast Quest books and there was no way I was going out to the library just to get a few Beast Quest story books. Then I had an idea.

I decided to go into my gigantic art studio. I was going to create something. I had three pieces of paper in front of me. On the first piece I drew a picture of myself standing up. Then I drew a tiny dot next to my foot. Beside the dot I wrote: Cat Person.

On my second piece of paper I drew a cat. But it was not an ordinary cat. It was standing up, and it was wearing a T-shirt, trousers, shoes and sun-hat. Then I wrote: Cat People are as big as an finger. They wear clothes and they speak English. They are almost like tiny humans except they have fur, tail, big ears and are practically cats wearing clothes.

Then I coloured it in. It had a green T-Shirt, black trousers, pink sunhat with white polka-dots and odd socks.

And on my last piece of paper, I drew lots and lots of Cat People. I drew for five hours before I stopped and looked at my watch. It said 8:30. Agh! Time to get to bed!

I made myself a quick dinner of leftover soup from last night, ate it, and started getting ready for bed. I pulled off my stinky clothes and got into a nice warm shower. When I got out I dried myself with my yellow towel. Then I hopped into my pink pyjamas with cats on them. That's right, I am a real cat lover! I brushed my teeth and jumped into my bunk bed.

My bunk bed was a cool one. I slept at the top and at the bottom I kept all my important things: Swimming stuff, Art pens, pencils, paper, a printer and a small laptop that I only used occasionally.

I had left my picture half-finished on the table. I had drawn 50, but I had not drawn their clothes on yet. I drifted off to sleep.

But at midnight, when I was fast asleep, something strange was happening in my art studio. A tiny purple tornado was storming around my picture of the cats. Wrr… Wrr… Wrr… I was sound asleep, and I did not hear it. Wrr… Wrr… Wrr...Round and round it went. And suddenly, it was gone. And so was the picture. Something else was in its place…


  1. I'm looking soooo forward to your next chapter!!!

  2. A new chapter is coming every Wednsday!

  3. I really love this, you use really descriptive words! I can't wait for your next chapter

  4. oh my gosh that was AMAZING Niama I can't wait to read your next chapter

  5. hey Naima I just read chapter three and i was wondering whether there would be another chapter I really hope there will be i love these stories

  6. It sounds a bit creepy towards the end when there was a mini purple tornado in your art studio. If that was a true story, I would be creating horse people in no time. I love these stories Naima!