Wednesday, 22 July 2015


Sorraya, Maddy, Mana and I have done Charades. This term we are learning about water and how we can stop it being polluted. I guess the Charades part is to make it fun.

We decided to do Fishing. I wanted to be the fish SOOOO much, that in the end I was. But when the others dragged me out of the pretend river and started to pretend to kill me, I wriggled out of their hands. They had to run around the classroom before they could catch me. So we all decided to think.

We decided that one person would try to fish me, and all the others ran behind her and pulled, but I pulled them into the river and swam away.

We had loads of fun doing this Charades video. We put it on YouTube, so others can watch it. 

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