Monday, 27 July 2015

Naima and the amazing cat people chapter 3

Chapter 3

Now that all the cats had clothes, they did not need to sleep in my bed anymore. And I was not keen on looking at a naked cat. So I was glad when finally they were all wearing clothes. That took five hours making the clothes, ten cats each hour. Then I got  five tubs and filled it with warm water, so the cats could have a bath. And I had (thankfully) thirty spare face-cloths at the back of my cupboard. I had always thought that I had twenty. But now there was a towel for all the cats. Then I asked the biggest cat (whose name was Flash) what kind of food they liked. "We like milk, chicken, beef, and lots of other meats." Said Flash. "So I guess you hate vegetables?" I asked. "Yes. Vegetables are disgusting." "Not beans. Try one. I am having beans and egg for lunch." I said. "Oh no. I am not trying another human food. Especially not vegetables." I saw that Flash was not giving up. So I mumbled, "I will get you chicken for lunch and milk for afternoon tea."

The problem was I could not find anything for a mug or cup for the cats. So I got one of my chairs from my dolls house and I stood it my my glass of milk. Then I popped a straw in it. Flash and his other cats slurped up the milk. Then Flash said, "My other cats have found a home." "Where?" I asked. "Your bed." "Where will I sleep?" "On the floor next to your bed." I glared at Flash. But what could I do? I had made him, and I did not want to un-make him. Then he said, "Since I am now your master, I order you to make a castle for me." "Yes, your amazingness." I mumbled. Flash looked really proud of himself. He is a mighty king now, but he can't see sarcasm. I thought to myself.

Flash looked at his new 'castle'. It was really my dolls house, but I had dusted it and set all my things in it. In one room it had a bed, a bedside table, a wardrobe and a small table and a chair. Next door was the bathroom. It had a toilet, a basin and a bath. But I had to take the bath out and fill it with water whenever Flash needed one. Downstairs was a living room with a couch, TV, and even a grand piano. And then there was the kitchen with two ovens, a table, four plastic chairs and lots of tiny plates, knives, forks, spoons and bowls.

"You have quite an imagination, human." Said Flash. "Thank you, your grandness." I said, sarcastically, bowing. "I don't need sarcasm. Get my bath ready." "But you just had one." Flash thought about this. "Then bring me a snack!"

A moment later I trudged back carrying a tiny China plate with roses round the edge. On it was a tiny piece of chicken. 'His Majesty' guzzled it down in one second. While he did he told me go and get some messy clothes on so I looked like a slave! There was no way I was going to wear my muddy jacket and trousers in the house. And especially not my gumboots. So I simply told him that he could get some more slaves. So he choose some of his cats.

The problem was food.

The cats could not walk all the way from my bedroom to the kitchen. I had to get the food by myself. Then I had an idea.

I found lots of zippers for jumpers, and stuck them all together. Then I made a little flying fox out of it so the cats could hop on and ride on the flying fox to the kitchen, where I was waiting with the food. This way I did not have to go back and forth all the way from the kitchen to the bedroom.

Soon it was afternoon tea time.


  1. Awesome new chapter! I love cats and this really shows imagination!

    1. Thank you Emma! I will post the next chapter soon.

  2. I found your story by chance, Niama - what a great story! Please write some more, I would love to read it :)

  3. I found your story today, Naima - loved it! Please write some more, I want to know what happens!

  4. GREAT STORY NAIMA!!! I love how Flash became your master and you were treated like a slave (maybe not so funny for you). I also love the imagination you used for drawing the cats and them coming alive in the first chapter. I hope you post the rest of it!