Thursday, 6 August 2015

An unexpected visitor.

I got onto Dad’s computer, clicked the app ‘Minecraft’, and started playing.

20 minutes later…

“Naima! Come and look at this!” Dad shouted.

“What is it?”

“Just look!”

It was obvious Dad was excited. I closed Dad’s computer and slowly plodded outside onto the deck.

“Look at that bird!” Dad pointed.

A bird? I thought. You mean a blackbird?

“Where?” I asked, thinking it was in the tree where the swing was.

“In the ivy by the garage!”

I looked. At first I did not see any birds. Then I saw a red and turquoise-green head and a long, feathery tail.

“What is it?”

“Probably a fowl of some sort. No; its a pheasant!”

Just then I saw the fluffy blob of Mingus (our cat) on the picnic table. He had seen the pheasant, too. He ran up behind it. At the same time the pheasant fell out of the tree onto the ground…

...“MINGUS!” Dad shouted.

Mingus stood dead still, his green eyes staring greedily at the big bird. The pheasant was hidden in the big green leaves of some sort of plant.

“You hold Iris and I'll get Mingus.” said Dad, passing Iris to me.

10 minutes later…

Dad had got Mingus into the house. We were talking about the pheasant.

“I might take some photos of it.” Dad said, picking up his iPhone (again).

Outside I could see Dad chasing after the pheasant all around the garden and the vegetable patch.

Why doesn’t the pheasant just fly away? I thought.

Then the pheasant started running down the driveway. I looked out of the window and saw it disappearing down the street.

We haven’t seen the pheasant ever after that.



  1. wow niama that was real cool I liked the way you described the bird and the part where you said dad was running around the garden after the phesant was really funny! keep up the good work!

  2. Dad knew it was a pheasant because where he used to live in England there were loads of them!

  3. Crazy pheasant! (Or fowl or whatever it is). Your writing reminded me of when I saw a pheasant at Willowbank (it was trying to peck its way out of its enclosure) and maybe it was successful! Keep writing!