Sunday, 20 September 2015

Arts Reflection

In Term 3, 2015, we were learning about The Arts. As you (probably) know, there are a few different types of arts: Performing Arts, Martial Arts, and Creative Arts, just to name a few. This term we were doing the Performing Arts.

One day we went on an epic quest to connect to our audience! DUN DUN DUUNNN!!! Ok, I think I am exaggerating there. On the 17th of September 2015 we went to The Commons to perform a play, do a flash mob and a few other things. Our goal was to connect to the audience. My friend Alyssa and I were the main narrators, and that was really exciting. We forgot our lines sometimes, but we could make parts up. I was acting as a granddaughter and Alyssa was acting as my 'Nana'. She was telling me stories and the stories were the other plays. My favourite play was about three boys and they found a bird in their house and they had to try and get it out. It was really funny! My proudest moment was at the dance at the end and our teacher said "Featuring: Naima and Alyssa!" I think I was grinning there.

Our audience seemed to be interested. My Dad was watching, and at the end when the dance was going on I asked him to come and dance, too. He didn't want to, but I dragged him on anyway. In the other parts of the play, most of the audience were watching. When we do it again I think the others (not me and Alyssa because we had microphones) should speak up a bit louder, because some of the audience didn't seem to hear and were chatting with each other. I saw my neighbor's Mum and she seemed to be interested in it. It was hard because my microphone was faulty and made me sound like a robot (partly because it was faulty, and partly because I was talking in a little 5-year-old voice). That sort of embarrassed me, but no-one minded or cared, so that was OK.

The audience were showing Manaakitia because they were listening and looking and I think some of them could connect to the play, too (eg: having their annoying but cute grandchildren begging them for stories). They showed Kotahitanga because at the end they all clapped and cheered for us and that made us all feel really happy and proud. And they showed Whānaunatanga by saying things like 'That play was so cool!' and 'Wow! Well done!' at the end of the play.

At the end of the play the audience clapped and showed they had enjoyed the play. I think they liked it because:

  • We had practiced,

  • When we had forgotten our lines we made things up and didn't say things like 'Argh, I forgot the darn line!'

  • We had eye contact and included the audience by looking at them and talking, as if you are talking to the audience,

  • And we did interesting topics and interesting way to connect the stories.

I think if you are doing a play you should choose interesting topics so people will be interested. The clap our audience did made us all feel really nice!

I think I can continue to show arts because I want to be an actress when I grow up, if I am a teacher my main lesson will be drama, or even if I end up trying to earn pocket money when I am a teen I will dance around, swirling the hose all over myself as well as the dirty car (everyone will want me to help them then!)

So I think arts (all of them) are important. I hope you think that, too.

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  1. I miss Alyssa, it was fun doing the play with her. :)