Wednesday, 9 September 2015

My Speech

Was there a time in your life when you got a surprise? The surprise that made you happy, like getting your own huge and expensive teddy bear, your best friend who lives in the country coming over for two nights, or perhaps getting the cutest pug puppy in the world. Or maybe it wasn't such a nice surprise...

It was a light and slightly breezy winter afternoon as the Waimairi Hockey C team marched out into the street to wait for the bus. The sky was an airy grey. Leek-green trees spread out, some mighty, tall and magnificent, others twiddly little things that seemed to not know what they were.

Victory! We had triumphed! We had won!

"Ok, sit down and we'll wait for the bus." our hockey coach, Miss Virtue, instructed.

We plonked down on the bum-pinchingly hard concrete outside a brick house. Across the road we could see Jellie Park, and stinky, fuming cars vrooming around.

Mason took out his phone and started playing music. Then the kids got all excited, and Miss Virtue ended up telling us that 'they could not go past the lamp post.'

Then Mason opened up a game on his phone. I turned to face it. There had been advertisements of 'Clash of Clans' and I had never known what it had actually been like (I don't like warfare that much, but sitting at the side of the road was getting very boring).

I didn't see it coming. Suddenly something wet and glutinous hit me in the side of the face. I screamed!

'What is that!? What is that!?!?' I thought. I touched my hair. It was sticky and slimy.

Please let it be water!!' I thought. I looked at my finger. There it was. Something hard. And brown. And speckled.

Egg shell.

"Naima, what is that!?" Miss Virtue asked.

"E-e-egg sh-shell..." I gasped.

"Alright, does anyone have a drink bottle I could tip over her head?" asked Miss Virtue. I managed to get my own drink bottle out of my bag before starting to hyperventilate. Suddenly Isabella pointed at Mason. "Look!" That was when I realised it. That was when everyone realised it. Mason had slimy yellow egg yolk all down his face.

I was trying very hard not to faint. I could feel one side of my head un-touched by eggs, the other, an eggy, sticky mess clinging to the side of my face like wet plaster. Some other kids from Ilam school were crossing the road near us. They were staring at Mason, and I. I didn't care. I just wanted the egg to disappear. I wished the egg had never been thrown at us.

"Look at the bright side," Mason said, trying to make me feel better. "You only got the whites. They are kind of transparent. I got the yolk."

And at least it wasn't a bad egg... was it?

So I think you should prepare for unexpected situations. And I think you now have an excuse to ask your parents to buy a plastic toy shield, because you should always have protection from bad eggs.

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