Sunday, 18 October 2015



Art is a creative activity that people do to entertain themselves, entertain others, or just do secretly in their Maths book when the teachers aren't looking. You can also do it for money, so you can sell a great piece of artwork and become rich and buy that waffle-maker you have had your eye on.

There are different kinds of art, there is the Doodle, that people do most of the time. Doodling can happen a lot, and most people do it. Babies doodle on the walls, the bath, the fridge, the washing-machine, and lots of other things. Kids doodle in their schoolbooks, maths, planning and homework. For some reason teachers don't appreciate their doodling very much, they care more about the homework and maths, even if it is a really super picture of the most epic car-crash. Sometimes we doodle on our napkins at dinner when we are being forced to eat something like Brussel Sprout Pie, or Frozen Cabbage Soup.

Actual artwork happens when we get a brilliant idea, but sometimes it happens when we are doodling and it appears to be an amazing masterpiece. Sometimes if you doodle a few lines, it can turn into the new Mona Lisa.
You can do art with different things. Like sculpturing. Sometimes people don't know that a few pieces of driftwood can turn into a fantastic sculpture.

Art can use different paints and pens and pencils.People draw different things. Boys usually draw star-wars, cars, motor-bikes, and things like that. Sometimes girls draw pretty pink ponies prancing in lavender meadows. But you never know; sometimes girls draw motor-bikes, and boys draw ponies, but we all draw in our own fashion, no matter what we draw, one of the most popular is scribbling.
Sometimes people cut out bits from a magazine, and stick it on their picture to make a collage.
There are a lot of famous artists, but they all do their artworks differently. Most are on canvas with paints.

Anyway, Scribbling is connected to doodling. Again, babies scribble on just about anything. The opposite of scribbling is painting. You can't really scribble with paint. That is sploshing, slapping, or coating your paper with paint.

Drawing portraits is drawing a picture of somebody else’s face. There are two ways of drawing a portrait. One is to take a photograph of your subject, the other is to make them sit still, not moving, for five hours while you draw.

Self-portraits are pictures of your own face drawn by yourself. There are two ways of doing that, too. You can get somebody to take a photograph of your own face and look at it while drawing, or get a mirror and keep on looking at yourself in the mirror.

Sometimes we can see our art before we even draw it; in our head. We picture a small idea. And as we start drawing, we take ideas away and add new ones in. Sometimes it turns out even better than you thought it would be, and sometimes you get mad and screw it up and fling it in the bin. There is one thing though; you can never make a mistake in art.


  1. Very good! I like how you explain all the different types of art. My favourite thing to draw is people, but I wish I could draw objects and houses a bit more detailed.

    1. As I said, there is no right-or-wrong about art! Maybe you would like to meet in the library some time so I can teach you?