Sunday, 18 October 2015

Choir Catastrophe

It was a nice, sunny Tuesday as the Choir kids ran to the dusty school hall. Everybody was chatting. After our Choir teacher, Jo, got us all settled, she said that we were singing 'California Dreamin' first.

Yay! I thought. 'California Dreamin' was one of my favourite songs. As well as 'Mexican Wave', 'Ring of Fire' and "Let go the long white sails".

After singing California Dreamin I felt so happy because I heard that we were not doing my least-favourite songs ('American Child' and 'Slice of Heaven'). I couldn't help but smile. I was going to sing loudly and proudly today, I was so happy!

"Very good. Well done! Now next we shall to 'Let go the long white sails'. Jo said.

YUS! I thought to myself.

The piano started playing, and we started singing.

"Steady hold, watch the Dolphins frolic, see the eagle flying, over seas and golden skies!"

Best. Day. Ever.

"Let go the long white sails! Across the ocean to the far side of the world."

I don't know how they make the song so dramatic. I could not help but sing more loudly and happier than the other kids. I couldn't help what happened next…

"Let go the long white snails!"

Snails!? I thought. Where did I get Snails from!?!

Everyone stopped.

Everyone stared at me.

"Naima...?" Jo said.

"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry! I didn't think..." I babbled.

Jo looked like she was about to explode.

"HOW DARE YOU..." she screeched.


Now I don't like "Let go the long white 'snails'" any more.



Firstly, Jo would never get angry because I made a mistake. She is a lovely choir teacher.

Secondly, when I said 'long white snails' nobody noticed.

Thirdly, I do still like 'let go the long white sails' or 'snails', whatever you like to call it.

But I do still think words speak louder than actions!

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  1. I can agree with you jo is a lovely Choir teacher it must be quite funny is that why you never did Choir? My favourite part is let's go to the long white snails we're did you get snails from. I guess it is one of the other nesters in life.