Sunday, 18 October 2015

Magical: the most random story in the world.

So it was a normal day, sun was shining brightly, and I was sitting on the mat in class. The boring maths seemed like it was taking FOREVER as Mrs. Pageot babbled on about division, equations and all the other useless points you must learn in life. I thought, ‘why can't we just draw?’

Suddenly I saw something outside. Something in the blue sky. Something pink.

“Naima, stop looking out the window!” Mrs. Pageot snapped. I looked back at the board, and at once I was plunged back in the boring, black-and-White Mathematics world.

Every now and then I looked back at the sky. The pink dot was moving towards the classroom. All of a sudden, it smashed through the ceiling. I stared. Mrs. Pageot stared. The class stared.

The Pink Fluffy Unicorn drew a sword and shouted out, “Hey, all you little human midgets! Show meh what yer made of!”

“Umm… Hello?” Mrs. Pageot said unsurely.

The Pink Fluffy unicorn lunged at her.

Mrs. Pageot screamed. “AARGH!!! GET THAT THING AWAY FROM ME!!!!” She howled.

“Surrender?” the Pink Fluffy Unicorn grinned.

Mrs. Pageot fainted.

“I guess that is a ‘yes.’” the Pink Fluffy Unicorn said blankly.

He turned to us.

“What about you midgets?” he asked. “Do you surrender?”

We stood there, silent.

Just then a spaceship landed in the field. The Pink Fluffy Unicorn suddenly looked terrified.

“NOOO! Not Aliens!! They couldn't of found me here!!!”

The unicorn leapt out of a window and ran off. The ‘aliens’, who were great big blobs that looked like green slime, chased after it.

Alyssa ran to the Staff room and got a jug of water and tipped it over Mrs. Pageot to revive her. When she was awake Mrs. Pageot could hardly believe what had happened.

“Nah,” she said. “A Pink Fluffy Unicorn?”

But she soon believed us when we pointed to the hole in the roof where the unicorn had fallen.

“Darn those Pink Fluffy Unicorns!” was all she said.

The End.


  1. The Alien part is very random! And it is true; when my teacher heard the first part of the story she DID say 'darn those Pink Fluffy Unicorns'!

  2. Yes I did! Your stories always make me laugh Naima. I love the way you found away to include what I said.
    I think that passionate mathematicians might find maths anything but black and white...and I think you may have started to like maths, haven't you???

  3. I love your humour Naima! You stories are interesting, funny and unique. I love the way you described the aliens as great big blobs that looked like green slime. Keep writing!!!

  4. GUYYYSSS!!! Awesome news! We are making a book 2!!! Keep in touch to read about how Sach (my best friend) meets the Evil Pink Fluffy Unicorn!