Thursday, 26 November 2015

Life in Naimraria - by Naima, Elise and Meredith


The soft sand slips into the crevices in between my toes as the water slips in and out of my private bay. Everything is perfect here in Naimararia, I make the rules and nobody disobeys them. No wars, no disagreements, everything is perfect.


Today the gardener is due to visit, and while he's out to try tackle the forest of weeds in the corner and is trying to save my rare Naimararian flowers, I hear a slight rustling from the corner. I hear a pitter patter of tiny feet, following a tiny furry face popped out of the weeds. It was old Nesbit, the neighbours cat. I often play with him. “Hey Nesbit,” I laugh.

“Meow!” Nesbit replies.

I ruffle his fur and walk inside.


I hardly had any sleep last night, something seemed to be nagging at me trying to tell me something but didn't know what. Since then the sky seemed to darken. The sun hid behind the clouds. The clouds started to cry. The summer seemed to have came to a halt so suddenly. Naimararia wasn't the same as it had been on the 28th. It's hardly like the other Naimraria it used to be.


I had a dream, a nightmare the Naimararian monster was back, it was bigger and more powerful than before.

Last time I had a dream like this it caused havoc over all Naimararia, I knew I had to make my move.


Sorry it's been two days and several children have fallen into shock. They have gone pale, frost bite has started to spread over them, I have summoned my Royal wolf pack they shall meet me at the outskirts of Naimraria where the fight will begin. I am taking a plane tomorrow to the "blue zone" where the battle will take place.


I buckled up my seat as my tummy was doing cartwheels. Meanwhile, through the opaque clouds, the little dot of Naimararia floated below me as I glide through the the air on my private jetocopter (half jet half helicopter. In other words a jet with propellers). My half diamond, half gold sword gleamed in front of me as I polished it to perfection.


As we landed the fear overwhelmed me as the icy chill rushed over me. I stepped out of my jetocopter into the "blue battle" zone. The naimrarian monster hovers at the entrance to the gloomy cave. My legs felt like they were going to give way from under me. The Naimrarian monster catches a glimpse of me. I automatically hide behind a rock. I know I shouldn't. But I do. I hide behind a big Boulder. The Monster passes, it's eye gleaming a flaming, sickly yellow, it's mouth agape, showing fierce teeth, ready to slash anything that annoys it. It floats away towards a icicle-pine mountain.


I hate battles. Battles are mean. Battles are awful. But I can't help this battle. I must save Naimraria from the Naimrarian Monster.

I step out from the boulder, ready for anything. My loyal pack of 50 wolves follow me, tongues panting, sharp claws glistening in the weak light of the Naimrarian Monster’s territory. The light here is not the bright sunlight where my castle and beach-house stand, but dusty and sneezy and cold.

I wait for the Naimrarian Monster to appear. I stand. I shiver with cold and fright. I wish a Hot Chocolate would randomly appear in my hand. With a white fluffy on top, and marshmallows. Mmm-mm. I wait for my Hot Chocolate. But it doesn't appear.

Suddenly I hear a roar coming from behind me. A musty, echoey roar, that sounds like it's far away, but it is coming nearer. I can see the shadowy, misty shape of the Naimrarian Monster. Frost grows quickly on everything. A strong, freezing wind rolls around, as the Naimrarian Monster appears.

It floats menacingly into its cave. The frost disappears. The wind stops. I feel terrible. I didn't stand up to the Monster. What should I do? I must save Naimraria! I edge my way slowly into the dark cave…

The cave is dark and I can't see the monster anywhere. My Wolf pack sit patiently at the entrance, waiting for me. I will lead the monster to the entrance where we will all attack. I hope all of us survive.

Suddenly I trip over a piece of string that runs across my path. I trip over, just in time as an arrow from a secret machine launches it at where I had been standing and into the soft dirt wall behind me.

My heart started beating twenty times as fast as it usually does. I had only just missed the arrow.

I kept on walking more carefully until I came to a torch-lit cave.


Suddenly a misty shape, blood dribbling from a huge, open mouth, appears out of nowhere and lunges at me. I scream and sprint as fast as I can down the tunnel, the Monster close on my heels, icy frost growing on my shoes.

I burst out into the open, the Naimrarian Monster roaring and bellowing after me. The wolves leap at him, howling. At once one of them drops down, with frost and ice covering his fur, his eyes wide open like he is petrified.

More wolves fall down, and I manage to see one of them slink behind a boulder, dragging a paw enclosed in ice.

I hold out my diamond-encrusted sword, trembling. The monster turns on me, five wolves falling at its icy feet.

“G-g-go away, you s-silly m-m-monster!” I stutter. The monster must of understood me, for it almost screamed. I yelled and stumbled backwards, tripping. I landed on my back with a thump.

The Monster started floating slowly towards me. There was no escape. All my wolves were gone, and I didn't have a chance against the Monster.

My teeth chattered as frost crept up on me. My limbs went stiff. I was stuck to the ground with hard ice. The Monster was nearly upon me now. I closed my eyes, tight…

The next second I heard howling and screeching. I opened my eyes to see a wolf leaping at the monster, digging its teeth into the monster’s evil eye. The monster screamed, and disappeared into a cloud of warm smoke. A sickly yellow/green puddle rippled where it had been floating. I noticed, only at that moment, that the wolf had its paw inside a block of ice.

It had saved me.

It had saved Naimraria.

And he knew it.

The End.


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  2. Wow Naima! I love the way you describe everything you write. It makes me feel like I am watching it all from above. Keep it up! :)!