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Camping Out.

Camping out

These characters are all of my favourite toys.
Characters: CATS: George (dad), Kittycat (mum), Fat Cat, Finky, Pinky, Jinky, Kinky, Dinky, Grinky, the Winky Wonky cat, Eny, Meny, Miny and Mo. OTHERS: Suzie a seal, Puppy and Tufty who are two puppies, and Monkey who is a monkey.

Day One
"OW! You clumsy little..." Suzie was in a temper. The family had gone out camping in Butterscotch Valley. They were setting up the tents when Pinky had 'accidentally' pushed the tent on Suzie. She had really done it on purpose, but annoying little 4-year-old Suzie was getting too annoying. "Pinky! Come here!" Pinky wriggled over to her mum Kittycat. "Can you help with Fat Cat and Kinky's tent? You can sleep with them tonight." Yay! thought Pinky. I get to sleep with Kinky and Fat Cat! 
Kinky and Fat Cat were best buddies. One thing: they were both tuxedo cats (in other words they both had the same black and white pattern on their fur). Whenever they went camping they shared a midnight feast with whoever was sleeping with them; sweets and chocolate. Even though Fat Cat was way bigger than Kinky, they still stuck together. Kinky would sit on Fat Cat's head if they went for walks. He only ever came down to eat or sleep (though sometimes he fell asleep on Fat Cat's head if it was a hot day). 
Pinky was Pink, obviously. She had a little golden dot on her forehead. She was more a pinkish/grey kitten than a pinky pink kitten. 
Fat Cat and Kinky had a very creative way of making a tent. After they had put it up they took out loads of their laminated artworks and stuck it to the outside of the tent. "It will make it more strong and make it look more cool." Kinky had explained. 
Then Fat Cat got out his spade and dug a wide trench around the tent. Then he placed loads of colourful buckets in it. "It gives us more water," he explained. Then Pinky got out a little flag she had made and taped it to the top of the tent. They stood back and admired her handiwork.
Pinky could not help but giggle when she looked at Suzie and Jinky’s tent. It had fallen on top of Jinky and Suzie was screaming at her.
Fat Cat laughed. “Well, let's go inside and set up our sleeping bags. We need to be ready for tonight!”
They went inside. Fat Cat had a green and blue sleeping back, Kinky had a red, black and white sleeping bag, and Pinky had a brown and bright orange sleeping bag. They set it up, and they took out other things.
Fat Cat opened his ‘secret bag’, and when he opened it Pinky gasped. There were all sorts of lollies: chocolate, marshmallow, licorice, the options were limitless.
Fat Cat grinned and stuffed the sweets into his pillow case. Then when he had set up his sleeping bag and hidden his ‘secret bag’, everything looked normal.
They went outside. Kitty Cat and George had set up their tents, and we're sitting in the sun, talking. Most of the kids were playing in the bush, and Suzie and Jinky had finally got their tent set up.
Pinky, Fat Cat and Jinky ran off to explore. Fat Cat took the lead, Kinky sat on his head and Pinky ran beside them.
They came to a babbling stream, and climbed over a mossy tree-trunk to get to the other side. They scrambled up a steep, bushy hill, and came to a ledge.
When they stood up on it they could tell they were very high up in the air indeed. They saw the camp site, and Kitty Cat calling the other cats.
Wait, calling the other cats? They had to get back! And fast!
They ran down the cliff, leapt over the stream, and arrived just in time to hear Kitty Cat say,“The groups are…”
Fortunately, two tent groups were joined together to make one group. Tufty, Puppy and Monkey were with Kinky, Fat Cat and Pinky. Together, they thought up a name for their group, and in the end settled with “Animaltopia”.
Suzie and Jinky were buddied up with Grinky, Dinky, and the Winky Wonky Cat. Eny, Meny, Miny and Mo were all one big group, and Finky was with George and Kitty Cat.
Animaltopia’s fun list went like this:
Day 1: settling in.
Day 2: archery and swimming.
Day 3: horse-riding and abseiling.
Soon they ran to the hall for dinner. It was burgers. Pinky added extra tomato sauce. Fat Cat had a very strange burger, it was just the bread, the meat and mayonnaise.
After dinner they settled in for the night. They got into their sleeping bags and and lay down. They were so tired they didn't even have the midnight feast.

Day 2
Animaltopia ran off to Archery. A leader had to be chosen for each group, and Fat Cat lead this one.
Fat Cat was surprisingly good at archery. He knew all the tricks and tips, how to hold the bow and shoot the arrow, and he got Bulls-eye almost every time.
Tufty was so excited about doing archery he completely lost his mind on what he was doing, and began aiming it at other people. Fortunately Fat Cat managed to make him aim at the target, but it hit the grass.
Then it was Puppy’s turn. He shot at the white, which was rather good.
When it came to Pinky she was sweating. What if she messed up and the group laughed at her? She steadied herself, took the bow in her paws, aimed, and let fire.
BAM!!! It hit the Bull’s eye.
Pinky opened her mouth and gawped. She had got the Bulls eye! She had got the Bulls eye first time!!!
“Well done Pinky!” Fat Cat said.
Soon after archery they went on to swimming.
Now usually cats hate water. But not these cats. They swam like us humans, they didn't care if their fur got wet, and they were, to be honest, extremely good. 
Pinky got in the water and shivered. It was rather cold. Fat Cat was splashing and laughing like a toddler.
Soon the races began. They were doing backstroke. Fat Cat was versing Puppy and Kinky, and Pinky was going against Monkey and Tufty.
Fat Cat lined up with the other two. Tufty shouted “3… 2… 1… GO!!!”
Puppy leapt into the water and started doggy-paddling slowly to the other end of the pool. Kinky belly-flopped in, came to the surface and started slapping the water in a messy backstroke. But Fat Cat shot off down his lane like an athlete. He looked like a shark, steady. But suddenly the water got in his mouth, and he started coughing. He had to stop swimming and stand in the pool, coughing and spluttering, before carrying on. That gave Kinky time to swim up, and BAM, he had won!
Fat Cat high-fives Kinky, saying, “Congrats,”, and it was the next round.
Pinky lined up with Monkey and Tufty. She wasn't sure if Monkey was going to be able to do it, he was to skinny and scrawny.
Fat Cat shouted out, “3… 2… 1… GO!” and they were off.
Monkey leapt into the water and sunk immediately. Fat Cat had to pull him out.
Tufty and Pinky were an even match. But only one could win. Pinky was kicking like crazy, and she didn't mean it, but some water splashed into Tufty’s eyes. Tufty stopped and wiped the water out, and by then Pinky was the champion.
But over dinner there was some bad news. Kitty Cat came up to Pinky While she was drinking her Miso Soup, and told her that because she had put water in Tufty’s eyes, she had cheated and Tufty had won instead. Pinky told Kitty Cat that she hadn't meant to, and Kitty Cat understood, but Tufty still won the swimming.
That night, as they went into their tents, Fat Cat opened his pillow case to start the feast, but a dreadful surprise awaited them. A note.

Dear Fat Cat, Kinky and Pinky,
I was checking the tents while you were at the activities, and I found a stash of lollies in the pillow case. I am keeping them for the family to share on the ride home.
“Well THAT stinks!” Fat Cat muttered.

Day 3
Pinky guzzled down her breakfast of cornflakes in almond milk and ran to the stable. Next activity: horse riding.
There weren't any horses, just small ponies. The good thing was you could choose them. Pinky chose a light grey pony with darker grey speckles on its back, called Duchess. Fat Cat had a black pony with a white stripe down its nose called Sir Blackie. Kinky (of course) had the same kind as Fat Cat, except it had three white socks and it was called Jeremy.They were learning to ride, then they would have a fashion show. 
After learning the basics of riding, they went into the stables for the fancy dressing. There were some fancy things like bow ties like Pinky was expecting, but there were a good deal of fancy bridles, saddles and other things. After choosing a black bridle with white diamonds on it, and a black saddle with diamonds around the edges, Pinky felt ready.
Soon everybody was ready, and Tufty was up first.Tufty had a dark brown, rather chubby pony, with black mane and tail. He had put some rather funny things to cats, but not-so-funny things to horses (eg, a carrot on a fishing line. You ride the horse, and hold the fishing line with the carrot on it in front of the horse. For hours the horse is dashing around, trying to get the carrot, but always failing). Therefore Tufty got a low mark.
Next up was Fat Cat. He had only put a red bow tie around his horse's neck, and by feeding Sir Blackie a few carrots, Sir Blackie managed to give a few posh looks. Fat Cat got a rather high mark.
Pinky was up next. Duchess was said to be ‘interesting’ and ‘modern’ and ‘fancy, rather posh too’. But the clear winner was Monkey.
While not good at any other sports, Monkey had a huge talent for horse-riding. His light grey horse with hardly any grey on it, looked white, and it had a red bridle with gold diamantes on it. And while the other ponies were fat and chubby, Monkey’s pony was lean and skinny. Therefore Monkey won the horse-dressing.
After that they raced to Abseiling. There was a tall wood tower with a flat, straight drop down to the grass.  After putting their helmets and gear on, they clambered to the top of the tower. 
Pinky grabbed the rope in her paws and started edging down the board. Slowly does it.. slowly… slowly… be careful… until she got to the bottom of the grass. That was fun!
Half of the group were too scared and didn't do it. Monkey clambered down easily. He didn't even need the rope. Unfortunately some chaos ended the last activity. Fat Cat was last and he was so heavy the rope broke, sending him tumbling down and handing hard on his bottom. Fortunately his bottom was soft and he got away with minor injuries.
After that they raced back to the tents and saw George and Kitty Cat were packing them up.
Suddenly, down the dirt road, a bus came.
“Ahh, the bus is here!” Kitty Cat said. They waited for all the other animals to get to the campsite, and then they bundled in the bus.  
As they left the camp, Pinky looked out of the window. Some grey storm clouds were appearing on the horizon, and the trees swayed in the wind. Suddenly, without them, the camp seemed miserable and cold.
Fat Cat suddenly remembered George’s letter, and asked if he could hand out lollies to everyone. George handed the much-treasured bag of lollies to Fat Cat.
First he showered Kinky and Pinky with lollies. Soon he was handing out lollies to everyone.
“Hey!” Suzie said rudely. “Gimme my sweets!”
“Ah-ah-ah! Use the magic word!” Fat Cat taunted her, and deliberately gave her her lollies last.
There they were, riding back towards their home, as the rain started dribbling down. Pinky felt she had had the best time ever.

The End.

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