Tuesday, 29 March 2016


I met Sach on my first year of Primary school, and we became best friends at once. We were cheeky, and funny, and hardly had any arguments.
We even wore the same kind of things.
He has slightly spiky, brown hair, and dark brown eyes, like a chocolate bar. He has a weird smell, like sand and dirt, that is always around him.

Usually, when we aren't  talking that much, he has a quiet voice, but sometimes he goes crazy, with the loudest voice ever possible. That's when I put him in his derpy, crazy, funny, ‘only-sach-can-be-this-loud’ mode.
The next year, we were Year twos. BUT… we were in different classes! It didn't matter that much, because our classes were almost next to each other. He was still the same, except I couldn't see him that much.  We made a gang, kids from both classes, but we are still best friends.  
I heard he used to slide across the floor in the middle of class, and make everyone (except the teacher) laugh. He said he wanted a motorbike, and to live on a farm. I was glad that wasn't going to happen.

Unfortunately, at the end of the year, I heard he WAS moving to a farm! And worst of all, he was going to another school! Mum promised I was going to see him loads more, because he was at a farm, but she lied. I spent the rest of Primary school hardly seeing Sach.  The times I did see him, I went to his farm, or he came to my house. He became a pro at motorbikes. I didn't like his motorbike after I tried to ride it and crashed into the macrocarpa bush.

When other kids see Sach, they call him cheeky, and naughty, and loads of people thought he was cool, which was what I thought. He’s got some dogs, named Blue (who always jumps on me), Xena (who is my favourite), and Stan (who is lazy and well-behaved). 

He is a daredevil, and does things like rock the seat on the ferris-wheel and sneaks gum when his Mum is not looking, but he is scared of random things, like streams. I remember when we were wading across a strong river. He was wailing and grizzling, “I'm going to be swept away! No!”  I waded across, sniggering to myself.

Sach is Awesome, he's my best friend.

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