Thursday, 3 March 2016

What do I see at French Farm?

What do I see at French Farm?

The sheep; 
chillin’ with the geese, 
not even caring if they step in the sheep poop.

The trees;
swaying like colossal green butterflies
in the swooping wind.

The sea;
gosh, all the way up here it looks like it's doing nothing!
But I know it's drowning the salty sand as it crashes onto the beach.

The sky;
 ‘busy’ being the world’s most popular colour.
(Yeah right).

Down the hill;
 slipping and sliding dry dirt and grass,
 pine trees dotted here and there.

The barn;
 standing there like a stale cookie,
 the lichen looks like mould.

casting light around the world
(or at least half the world anyway.)

casting shadows over the farm on the other side of the road. 
In my head I hear French Farm sniggering. Ha ha!

looping and swooping like a big,
grey snake, towards the beach.

I can't see her, but I can hear her loud scream of joy echoing through the valley.
Yup, that's how loud she is.

I smell dinner. I don't know what it is, but it smells nice! 
After all, it is Christmas Day...


I'm learning to use these ‘;’ and I'm practicing making EVERYTHING I write have some humour in it. I'm learning to use personification. My favourite part of personification was ‘trees, swaying like colossal green butterflies’. Not because I like butterflies. I like imagining giant, creepy green butterflies killing every being in its path and taking over the universe.
I am going great because I really like helping my literacy buddy Ruby. She is AWESOME! I think my writing is multistructural because I put multiple ideas in the poem.


  1. Great writing Naima I really enjoyed reading it' I liked how you made it funny. Hope it's all going well.

  2. Wow Naima this is amazing I like how you said go shall the way uphere it looks like it's doing nothing but I think know it's drowning the salty sand as it crashes onto the beach i luv it keep up the great work I couldn't do something as good as this and also I like how you said like sun Then you did what the sun kinda looked like and you also did it with Iris so cute keep it up

  3. Fantastic writing Naima! I love the personification you use when you say
    The sky;
    'Busy' begin the worlds most popular colour
    That was super funny, I love your writing skills so much!