Thursday, 14 April 2016

Term 1 Reflection! ๐Ÿ˜œ

This term we have been learning about different elements of music, such as ‘dynamics’ and ‘tone colour’ and lots more, which sound a bit scientific to me. We've been showing these ‘elements of music’ by putting them in a song we make by ourselves about a poem we wrote.
We also had a picture of our Mountain, (eg. Castle Rock), and I did my picture, poem and song all about Castle Rock.

I think my work is Relational because I related everything to everything else (if that even makes any sense). I used different things outside to make my song, like recording me slamming rocks on the ground, which is supposed to be random landslides from Castle Rock (wow, I'm really getting into this Castle Rock thing!) And I used a piano sound on Garageband to make bird noises (even though it sounds nothing like birds, but I still like it!)

Overall I think it is awesome! The only bad thing was when we were all listening to our songs and they recorded MY song through ALL the iPads, and that was slightly embarrassing. Other than that, it's really cool! :D

This is a song I made to go with the poem and artwork...
(Click the blue words to hear it).

This is a close up of my poem...

The sheep; 
Almost yelling out their

The trees;
swaying like colossal green butterflies
in the swooping wind.

The city;
gosh, all the way up here it looks like it's doing nothing!
But I know it’s holding all the houses together like glue.

The sky;
 ‘busy’ being the world’s most popular colour.
(Yeah right).

Down the hill;
 slipping and sliding dry dirt and grass,
 tussocks dotted here and there.

casting light around the world
(or at least half the world anyway.)

Looming over everything, casting a
shadow over the rest of Christchurch.

looping and swooping like a big,
grey snake, towards the city.

As you can tell, it's a poem I wrote earlier, but I changed it a bit, because I didn't have time to write another one. Don't blame me! D:

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