Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Magical 2

Magical 2

I was excited. I was very excited. Sach was coming over to my house! And best of all, he was bringing a pet with him!
He hadn't told me what it was. He said it was a surprise. I was impatient for him to get here.
Finally I saw a truck park by the driveway. It had a horse-float on the back of it. Funny. I thought Sach didn't like horses! He said to my face he hated them. So why was there a horse-float?
Sach leapt out of the back seat.
“Naima!” he yelled. “You don't know what I have!!!”
“I don't,” I said. “Is it a Griffin?”
“A Squid?”
“A pony?”
“Most certainly not!” He folded his arms. “Well? Do you give in?”
“Yep,” I mumbled. “I give in.”
Sach went over to the horse-float and opened it up. I stared in astonishment. There, sparkles everywhere, was a white unicorn!
“Gosh!” I muttered.
“Her names Cutie-Pie,” Sach smiled childishly.
“OK, Sach, you haven't turned into a girl, have you?” I asked, staring at him hard.
“Nah,” Sach said. “I still hate horses.”
Sach jumped on Cutie-Pie’s back, and to my astonishment, he flew up in the air. A flying unicorn!
Sach flew around the top of the house, came down in the garden. I ran down the driveway, and I saw Cutie-Pie in the garden.
“Hey,” I said. “Let me have a go!”
I jumped onto her back. I had no idea how to ride a horse, let alone a flying unicorn. I had wanted to go on the roof. Suddenly Cutie-Pie flew up and onto the roof! Whenever we wished her to go somewhere, she went there!
We spent hours happily riding Cutie-Pie. We took turns, one time riding her to the school pool and having a swim.
Until we decided to get on at the same time that we started getting into trouble. Sach got on first, and I jumped on behind him. Suddenly Cutie-Pie reared up, and flew high. 
“Wow, Cutie-Pie!” I said. “Sach, where's she going? Where did you wish to go?”
“I didn't wish anything!” Sach said. “I thought you had wished. You always say ‘ladies first’!”
“Umm, Sach,” I said, looking down at my house and Westholme street getting further and further below us. “I have a feeling we're in trouble.”
All we could do was keep tight hold of Cutie-Pie as she flew up, up, up. Suddenly we saw she was heading to a cloud with a spaceship on it. It had a huge picture of a pink unicorn horn on it.
Cutie-Pie landed on a deck with a door in it leading to the spaceship.
She took us to a room with a huge golden throne on it. And there, looking stylishly imposing, was a Pink Fluffy Unicorn.
(Now, I have had other troubles with this Pink Fluffy Unicorn, and if you want further details, look into another story I've written, called ‘Magical: The Most Random Story in the World’.)
“Aha!” The Pink Fluffy Unicorn smirked. “We meet again, Naima. I see you have a friend with you.”
“Yeah…” I replied, shivering in my shoes.
The Pink Fluffy Unicorn grinned evilly. “Good work, Quartz. You have brought me Human Children.”
We looked over at Cutie-Pie. “Sach,” I mumbled. “Please explain.”
“Ok,” Sach said. “I found um, erm, Quartz, well, um. Mum found her, and she took her home, and, um, we named her Cutie-Pie--” 
“CUTIE-PIE!?!?” The Pink Fluffy Unicorn screeched. “WHAT KIND OF A NAME IS THAT!!??!??” The Pink Fluffy Unicorn’s eyes were actually flaming red and smoke was billowing out of its ears.
“Well, um--”
“DON'T TALK BACK TO ME!!!” The Pink Fluffy Unicorn fumed. “YOUR RUDENESS HAS EMBARRASSED ME!! Quartz,” it said in a much quieter, deathly tone. “Throw them overboard.”
So that's how we ended up standing on an observation deck, with unicorns everywhere. I looked down. It looked like a long, long, long way. I could only see mistyness.
“Hurry up,” said the Pink Fluffy Unicorn impatiently. “I want to go inside. My fellow unicorns say they've finally captured Nyan cat.”  (Nyan cat, if you don't know, is a cat flying around in space with a pop tart for a body, rainbows coming out its backside and singing a really annoying song).
‘Hey!’ I thought. ‘I like Nyan cat!’  But anyway, I didn't want the unicorns to spike me with their horns. So I took a big breath and jumped.
The wind whipped my hair as I plummeted down. I saw Sach just above me. I squeezed my eyes, tight. If I survived, which I most certainly wouldn't, this would make a good story to put on my blog.
Suddenly I heard a BOING, and suddenly I soared up, and smacked my head on Sach coming down. I opened my eyes.
“Oh my goodness!” I squealed. “Out of all the places across the world, we landed on the TRAMPOLINE!”
So this story has a happy ending, where Sach and I promptly forgot about all the unicorn stuff, and had an enjoyable time on the trampoline. When we got off, I thought about it again, and wrote about it.
So that's the second story about the Evil Pink Fluffy Unicorn. Maybe I'll see him again, but hopefully not.

The End.

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  1. Hi Naima,
    Evil Pink Fluffy Unicorn is quite a character - and good versus evil is a dichotomy that creates a powerful narrative - I am imagining a meeting between EPFU and a narwhal - a different outcome from the one imagined in this Sock it to me" sock design - would they find a common purpose? would EPFU find a "mallowpuff" like softer kind interior?