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THE WILD: Book One: Born to be Wild

Born to be Wild
Book one


She is a crazy 11-year-old human who DOESN'T LIKE EATING HORSES. I mean, who doesn't like eating horses? They're not for riding, they're for eating! Anyway, she tamed a horse and rode it around on our adventure, but she is still slower than me. 
She wears strange things that she says are ‘normal’. A green shirt and pants. I bet that stuff is not as comfortable as my elk skin.

Cana was raised by wolves (rather strange in my opinion). She has a little sister named Luna (who is a wolf. Even more strange). She is 13 but seems younger than me. She actually  wears nothing but an elk skin :|? Cana has a nasty habit of ACTUALLY EATING HORSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( *cries*. She can be a right LUNA-tic. Get it?


Luna is Canas LUNA-tic sidekick (or sister. Whatever). She keeps nipping at my perfect little hooves. I❤️Ashley!!!!!!! She is super nice and prevents me from Luna-tic and Cana. She acts like some sort of Anti-Cana/Luna-tic league. Anyway, back to the subject. Three words to describe Luna-tic: Annoying, Stupid and Stubborn. Maybe I should start calling her Luna-Stupid or something.

-Paris Ze Perfect Pony

She is a horse. Typical. And stupid Ashley won't let big sis Cana and I eat her! She is a ‘palomino’, according to Ashley. I keep on trying to nibble her ears when I ride on Ashley’s backpack, but I can't quite reach.

-Luna is PAWESOME!!! :P

Chapter 1:
Ten years I have lived through so far, and the Pack has looked after me well. Lobo and Haquihana, my step-parents, are awesome! I still know English, but I am better with Wolves.
I am a human, but the pack think of me as a wolf. I do, too.
My sister, Luna, is younger than me. She is always running away.
Amoux is the leader of the pack. His mate is AdoQhina. She likes me.
Every wolf likes me, and I like them. Luna and I love rough’n’tumble.
Just then Mum came up to us, and asked us to go in the den. “I smell trouble,” was all she told us.
Luna and I snuggled up, suddenly bored. Mum knew the cold snow didn't bother us.
Luna whispered to me, “let's sneak out!”
“No way!” I said. “It might be guns!”
“I'm not scared of no guns,” Luna told me, although I'd heard that two million time before.
“You have to stay-” I started, but Luna scrambled out. Dad, who was guarding the den, didn't notice. Luna was white, so she mixed in with the snow.
I saw Luna bound down the mountainside.
“Little sis,” I muttered, and tried to sneak out after her.
Dad saw me, and growled. “Get back in the den!” He growled.
“Luna went down the mountainside!” I said.
“What!?” Dad howled, and bounded after Luna.
A few minutes later I hear two gunshots, echoing through the valley. I waited. And waited. There were two… Not Luna and Dad…
Suddenly a flurry of snowy fur flung itself into the den. 
“Luna!” I howled thankfully. “Where's Dad?”
Luna didn't say anything. I saw darkness in her eyes. We didn't say anything. We both knew.
After a long time, I asked, “what exactly happened?”
Luna didn't answer.
I didn't answer.
When Mum got home we told her what happened. We didn't say anything about Luna running off, though. We just said Dad got shot.
Everyone in the pack was quiet. Too quiet. Luna and I didn't go out of the den. It wouldn't be the same without Dad. Being a wolf is hard. Very hard. I wish I was a human sometimes.

A loud, clear whistle echoed through the valley and up the mountains. Soon after, Adalwolf our sheepdog, bounded down the mountain, nipping at the herd of sheep. 
“Come on, boy!” I told Adalwolf. He seemed to understand. He nipped the sheep back into place and over the wooden bridge towards me. “Come on, you can do it!” I encouraged him. I knew how steep the mountain was. I definitely would have fallen if there weren't as many tree roots as there was. The bridge creaked as the herd of sheep trotted over it. The crystal-clear water was ice-cold and had millions of Rapids. If the any of the animals fell in, they would have little chance of survival. I started to walk back down the dusty path that lead us through the forest and up the hill to my cottage. It was a long walk. Around 2 hours at a walk, maybe 1 and a half at a jog.

The wooden cottage came into view as I struggled up the steep hill. Even Adalwolf was panting. The sheep were starting to become impatient.
“Come on boy, get them in!” I said as I opened up the paddock gate. I left Adalwolf to sort them out. I walked into dads workshop, intending to try find him. Dad was leant over the wooden table and he had his knife out. 
“I shot a wolf while you were gone.” He said. I walked slowly to the side of the table to see that he was skinning a wolf. 

He was gorgeous. He had a black stripe running down his back which faded to white as it got to his stomach. I was horrified to see him dead. A single tear trickled down my face. 
“Why did you do this? Why did you have to do this?” I whispered. Dad just ignored me for a minute.
“I don't need to hear your voice.” He said finally.

I ran out of the workshop, tears running down my face as I did so. I mean, who could kill such a beautiful creature?

Chapter 2:
I watched the snow falling like frozen tears. The bedding was wet from wolves walking in and out, with wet, snowy paws. Luna didn't speak. Mum didn't speak. No-one spoke. The rest of the pack thought they had lost their best hunter. I saw it like I had lost a family member. I had. I wasn't getting him back.
AdoQhina looked in the den. I knew she understood. Her pup had been caught by humans.
I let her come in the den. We all had a cuddle. After a while she said, “I know what it's like.”
I didn't want her to tell the story. She didn't.
Suddenly I heard an unfamiliar sound. All the pack leapt out of the dens and ran away into the snow.
I heard them screaming “HUMAN! HUMAN!” I peeked out and saw them running down the mountainside. A human, about my age, was walking blindly around.
I threw some pine leaves over Luna. I leapt out.
I spoke in Human language. It had been years since I had spoken, so I wasn't too sure.
“Go away!” I growled.
She looked startled. She was wearing something strange I had never seen before; a strange shirt and trousers, with a bow and a packet full of arrows. Maybe she was thinking the same thing. Maybe she was wondering why I was wearing a year-old elk skin. 
Suddenly the girl pulled her bow back with an arrow in it and stared at us. Luna and I stared. This was bad. Did this girl know how much we had been through!? Was she mad??!
“Who are you?” she asked.
“I'm Cana,” I mumbled. “This is my sister, Luna.”
“Why are you dressed in nothing but an elk skin?” She asked.
“Why are you dressed in that weird stuff?” I asked back.
“Because that's what everyone wears!” She explained.
We stood there for a long time, before I said, “put down the bow. If you hurt us, we'll hurt you.”
She dropped the bow.
“Can you tell the pup to uh…” she started.
“Uh, stop scaring me?”
I turned to Luna, who was growling fiercely at the girl, and told her in Wolf language, “stop. She may be a friend.”
“Humans killed Dad!” Luna growled, but retreated into the den.
“What did she say?” the girl asked.
“That humans killed Dad…” I muttered, before bursting into tears.
“What did he look like?” the girl asked.
“Well,” I sniffed, “he had a black stripe from his nose to his tail, and it went to white as it went to his tummy…” Just thinking about that made me unhappy. “Why do you need to know?”
She was quiet for a bit. 
“Come with me,” I said.

That night in bed, I thought about my options. I could run away, or I could live a horrible life with my insane father. I crawled out of bed and reached out for my leather backpack and my bow and quiver full of arrows. I creeped out of my room and into the kitchen and began to fill my bag with food and my flask with water and only just managed to stuff a blanket into the remaining space in my bag. The door creaked open and I snuck out. An adventure was about to begin.

The forest was silent at this hour. Except for the odd owl call that echoed through the night. A sudden chill ran through my spine. I had forgotten Adalwolf! 
“Great. I have to go back and it's nearly dawn.” I muttered to myself. Suddenly the rustle of leaves woke me from my thoughts. And there was a girl. And an albino wolf pup. I froze in my tracks. The only thing the girl was wearing was an elk skin. Suddenly the the snow began to fall around us. It was like magic. The snow fell like a storm around us. The wonderful moment was destroyed when the girl let out a threatening growl.
“Go away!” She growled. I pulled an arrow and my bow out and aimed the arrow at her. 

If she was going to try to kill me, then I would have to shoot her.
“Who are you?” I asked.
“I'm Cana,” She mumbled. “This is my sister, Luna.”
“Why are you dressed in nothing but an elk skin?” I asked.
“Why are you dressed in that weird stuff?” She asked back. She was clearly thinking that my medium-green long-sleeved top and my black pants were out of style.
“Because that's what everyone wears!” I explained.
We stood there for ages, before she said: “put down the bow. If you hurt us, we'll hurt you.” I reluctantly put down my bow. What would she do? Her wolfy friend could lash out any second!
“Can you tell the pup to uh…” I started.
“Uh, stop scaring me?”
She began to talk in some weird foreign language. The pup retreated into into the snow-covered cave.
“What did she say?” I asked.
“That humans killed dad…” She muttered before bursting into tears. I sat down on a near-by log. 
“What did he look like?” I asked.
“Well,” She sniffed, “he had a black stripe from his nose to his tail, and it went to white as it went to his tummy…” Just listening to that made me feel extremely guilty. The wolf that Dad had killed was her  dad!
“Come with me,” She said.

Chapter 3
She followed me into the den. I called for Luna, then we ran towards the forest. Suddenly I heard her calling, “wait for me!” I stopped. I saw the twigs scratching her face.
“Why not walk on all fours?” I asked. Luna sat beside me as I waited for her.
“Uh,” she muttered. “No thanks. I'm not a wolf.” She scowled.
Is this what humans are usually like? All pretty and haughty? I was glad I was a wolf.
I kept on running with Luna, deep into the forest.
“So,” she said, “where are we going?”
“Going to get dinner.” I replied.
“What are we having?” she asked.
“Pony-meat,” I said.
“What!?” She screamed. “No way!”
Her scream startled Luna, who hid behind a tree. 
“It's OK Luna,” I said, “she's OK,”
“So,” I said to her, “what's your name?”
“Ashley.” She said. “You're name is Cana… isn't it?”
“Yup.” I said. 
We reached a clearing of wild horses. Ashley said, “I think I'll take one…”
“Can I eat it?” I asked.
“Just a little bit?”
“Just one ear?”
She took a rope and with some sort of skill threw it over a yellowish-horse with a white mane and tail.
I looked hungrily at the rest of the herd. They were running, frightened, as Ashley pulled the horse towards her. I couldn't help myself. I ran into the herd and bit a black horse on the leg.

“Cana!” Ashley yelled. “What have you done?”
“Caught us dinner,” I said innocently.
A while later I munched the black horse as we sat around a campfire. Luna nibbled the ears. Ashley made sure the horse she had almost captured didn't see our dinner.
“Help yourself,” I invited Ashley.
“No way,” she grumbled.
“Suit yourself,” I said, and dug my teeth into the flesh. Yum.
“Apparently there is a castle somewhere down the mountain,” Ashley said.
“Hmm?” I said, trying to sound interested, even though I had no idea what a ‘castle’ was.
She seemed to lose interest and tried to catch the palomino’s lasso-rope.
We went to sleep. Luna went to snuggle up to Ashley. I was surprised! Maybe my little sister was finally being nice to the human.

She took me through an old, dusty, path with overgrown vines and tree roots. Twigs constantly slapped me, leaving scars all over my face.
“Why not walk on all fours?” She asked.
“Uh, no-thanks!” I said with a tone of disgust. “I'm not a wolf.” I added with a scowl on my face. What was wrong with this girl? Did she seriously think she was a wolf?
“So,” I began. “Where are we going?” We were getting deeper into the forest and I was starving.
“Going to get dinner.” 
“What are we having?” I asked
“Pony-meat!” She replied.
“What?!” I screamed. “No way!” I had always had a love for horses and ponies, and promised myself I would never, ever eat one. My scream startled the wolf pup, who hid behind the closest tree.
“So,” She said to me, “what's your name?”
“Ashley.” I replied. “You're name is Cana… isn't it?”
“Yup.” She said. 
It was late afternoon when we came to a clearing and in the middle, were a herd of horses.
“Please!” I begged. “Leave them be!”
She looked at me.
“I think I'll take one…” I said
“Can I eat it?” She asked
“Just a little bit?”
“Just one ear?”
“NO!!!” I screamed. I looked at the peaceful herd. There were bays, pintos, buckskins, blacks but the prettiest of them all was a palomino mare with a pale-grey blaze and palomino fetlock feathers. I stared at her for a few minutes before I took a rope out of my bag and made it into a halter.
“Come on girl!” I whispered to the mare, “Come and get the nice treat!” I held an apple in my hand. The wonderful moment was ruined when an ear-piercing whinny echoed through the woods.
“Cana!” I yelled. I watched her teeth pierce through the black mare's skin and into it’s leg. The mare struggled some more before it fell to the ground and moved no more. 
“Cana… What have you done?” I whispered. The palomino mare was rearing and cantering around the clearing.
“I caught us Dinner,” she said innocently.
A while later Cana was munching the black horse as we sat around a campfire. Luna nibbled the ears. I made sure the horse I had captured didn't see her dinner.
“Help yourself,” Cana invited me.
“No way,” I grumbled.
“Suit yourself,” Cana said, and dug her teeth into the flesh.
“Apparently there is a castle somewhere down the mountain,” I said.
“Hmm?” She said. I wasn't sure if she even knew what a castle was.
I lost interest myself and attempted to grab the rope that the palomino mare was wearing. 
“Come on girl!” I coaxed the mare on with a nice treat. She stretched her neck out without taking a single step so she could eat the carrot. Just as she ripped the carrot out of my hand, I grabbed the lasso-rope so she couldn't escape again. 
“That's a good girl.” I reached my hand out a stroked her head. I tied her up to a nearby tree and went to sleep. It had been a long day and I knew it.

Chapter 4
I woke to the sound of Ashley yelling at the horse. I watched from under my elk skin. She was yelling “Paris!” at the horse. What kind of a name was that?
She tried to climb up on the horse, but it just bucked her off. I sniggered to myself. This was a show. 
I got up and reached silently into her backpack and grabbed a pot of something. I sniffed. It smelt sweet. I put my hand in. It was sticky! I put the whole glob of sticky stuff in my mouth.
“MMmmm-hmhmgmm!!” I mumbled, quite loudly. I stuffed more of it into my mouth.
Suddenly I heard Ashley. “Cana!” She yelled. 
“Mm?” I asked, poking my head around a tree.
“What are you doing?” She asked.
“Hmmm?,” I said again, hoping she wouldn't notice the stuff around my mouth.
“What have you been eating?!”
“Hmmm!” I muttered, pulling out the empty jar. I swallowed the last of the honey. “That stuff is good.”
We started down the mountain towards the castle Ashley had talked earlier. Paris let Ashley ride her, so that went well. I knew a little horse language, so I said, “Hello,”
Paris said a lot of horse language I didn't know, so I stopped talking to her.
Luna jumped into Ashley’s backpack. 
“Come on, slow coach!” I called. Suddenly Paris galloped past me in a flurry of snow. Next minute I was howling, “Wait up!”
A few hours later we arrived at the castle gates. I suddenly stopped. “Ashley,” I said, “I'm not to sure about this.”
“Well, I'm a wolf!”
“Actually, you're not.” Ashley said.
“Poppycock!” I exclaimed
“Yes, I am!” I said.
“No, you're not,” Ashley replied.
“Yes, I am!”
“No, you're not!”
“Yes, I am!” I said.
“Yes, you are,” Ashley tricked me.
“No, I'm not,” I accidentally said.
“Gotcha!” Ashley sniggered.

“Paris!” I cried. “That's the fourth time you've thrown me off!” I said hopelessly. The palomino mare didn't care. She just sniffed my backpack. I thought that she wanted more carrots. I attempted climb up on her back again. She stood still before tensing up. “Come on girl, come on!” I pleaded. She started to relax. Success! “Good girl!” I exclaimed. I reached for my backpack to get a carrot out, only to find it wasn't where I left it.
“Cana!” I yelled. She poked her head around a tree.
“Hmmmm?” She was confused. 
“What are you doing?” I asked.
“Hmmmm?” She said again. Her face was covered in yellow, sticky stuff.
“What have you been eating?” I asked. She showed me my honey jar. It was completely empty. 
“Mmmmmm!!!!” I was annoyed. That was my honey, not hers. Oh well. I rather that than a horse.
She swallowed the last of the honey. “That stuff is good.”
Paris whinnied. She clearly wanted some of the attention.
“Oh Paris!” I sighed. She whinnied expectantly again. I looked at Cana, who had started down the mountain. Paris whinnied for the third time.
“Okay, I get it!” I moaned. I climbed back on her back and tapped her sides with my heels to tell her that I was ready to go. She stood in the same spot, before throwing me off again. 
“Paris!” I groaned. She was wearing a horsey smirk and was obviously proud of herself. “This isn't funny!” She lowered her head. I suppose that meant sorry. “Okay, I forgive you!” I smiled. I pulled myself back on her back. I tapped her with my heels once more and she set off at a fast walk. “That's a good girl!” I exclaimed. We were both proud of each other.
“Come on slow coach!” Cana called back to me. 

Paris cantered happily ahead of Cana. 
“Who's the slow coach now?” I yelled back to Cana. In the distance, a silver castle with purple turrets gleamed in the midday light 
“Wait up!” I heard her call. 
“Speed up then!” I replied sourly. Paris was running for the love of it. Hours later, we arrived at the silver castle gates. I struggled to pull Paris to a stop.
“Ashley, I'm not sure about this.” Cana mumbled.
“Well, I'm a wolf!”
“Actually, you're not.” I said.
“Poppycock!” Cana exclaimed. “I am!” 
“No, you're not!”
“Yes, I am!” She said.
“Yes, you are,” I tricked her.
“No, I'm not,” She accidentally said.
“Gotcha!” I sniggered. Cana gave me the evils. We turned around to look at the gate. It was ginormous, and silver-grey. 
“Are you really, really, really, extra, extra sure about this?” She asked nervously.
“Absolutely!” I said bravely, although I didn't feel as brave as I sounded. As I went to push the gates open, they opened themselves. The thunder of hooves on wood echoed through the valley. 
“Look out!” I screamed to Cana. The sound came closer and closer. “Get out the way!” I yelled at Cana again. She wouldn't move. I galloped towards her and yanked her out of the way. “What… Do… You… Think… You… Were… Doing…?” I panted. Cana didn't reply. She was just in shock.

Chapter 5
Millions of horses rushed past. A glob of dribble managed to escape my mouth. They didn't even notice me. Yuuummm. The thing was, they were too fast for me.
“Grr,” I grumped. “There goes our dinner.” 
“Your dinner,” Ashley said. “I don't eat horse meat! Hasn't that got to your mind yet? Anyway,” she said, “are we going in before the gates close?”
“Nun-uh!” I said. “Humans! HUMANS!!” I slapped her face with my paw. “Understand what I'm saying?”
“Stop being such a baby!” Ashley said, very rudely. I growled and snuggled up in the snow with Luna. Ashley went off.
About forty minutes later they came back.
“Cana!” she said sarcastically. “We've been so lonely!”
“Hmmmph.” I said. “You've been very quick, for once.”
“Well, surprise, surprise,” Ashley said grumpily.
Suddenly we heard it. Hoof beats. A plump, delicious-looking horse galloped up with my worst nightmare sitting on its back like a bag of potatoes.
“Uh oh,” I muttered. “RUUUNNNNN!!!!!”
“Good idea,” Ashley said. Next second we were running for our lives.
Ashley dragged me on Paris and I found myself on the back of the saddle. Luna was running beside us.
“Are you officially mad?” I sniggered.
“Nope!” She gasped.
“Hey! You!” The knight yelled at us. “Come here!”
I heard Ashley encouraging Paris on and on. I was starting to actually feel sorry for the horse. I soon changed my mind when she went so fast I almost fell off.
Soon we were in a forest. Dark, evil shadows loomed over us.
“Erm, are you sure this is the right forest?” I asked.
“Absolutely!” Ashley replied.
“Really?” I asked. Paris finally slowed down. Luna leapt out from behind a tree and poked her tongue at us.
“How do wolves grin?” Ashley laughed.
“Dunno,” I shrugged. I turned around. “Is that creepy guy gone?”
“Probably,” Ashley said.

Masses of horses thundered past. Bays, blacks, pintos, buckskins, and chestnuts stormed past and carried on following the dusty path, not noticing the two young girls standing in shock by the cobblestone wall. 
“Well. That went well, didn't it?” Cana said sourly. “Our potential dinner just ran away from us!” I scowled at her. She looked sour. 
“I've told you before. I-Don't-Eat-Horse! Hasn't that made its way into your mind yet?” I was frustrated. “Besides. They had a home, and owners that would love them.” I said quietly. “We'd better get in before the gates close again.” I walked back towards the path.
“Uh-uh!” Cana disagreed. “Humans actually live in there!” She was annoyed. “What if we were found?” 
“Uhhhhh… Stop being such a baby!” I sighed. 
“I'm not going.” 

“Well I am!” I lowered my voice down to a whisper. “It's not my problem if you get caught, either. So you might as well go back to your little wolf pack.” I said sourly, before making my way into the castle grounds.
“In fact, it's not my problem if you get caught either!” Cana called to me. I just shrugged.

The castle was certainly not  deserted. Cana had been right about that. Suddenly yells woke me from my thoughts. 
“Outsider! Outsider!” A man called. He lifted his bow, and fired. I only just got out of the way. I pulled my bow out as well and fired. It was like slow motion. He was a danger to me, and I knew I had to kill him if I wanted to survive. The man had no time to run after he had realised what had happened. The arrow pierced through his chainmail armor, and right into his chest. A scream managed to escape his lips, before everything went silent. Screams soon erupted from around me. Women and children ran back into their homes and locked the doors. Other men fired at me. I ran for the gates. But all of sudden, the gates began to close. I ran even faster, and only just squeezed through the gap. Paris cantered towards me. I leapt for her back and urged her into a gallop. It had been a narrow escape.

It was late afternoon when I saw a lonely figure walking glumly into the forest on all fours. 
“Come on Paris, we’ll surprise Cana. Wouldn't that be nice?” I whispered to the palomino mare. She cantered towards Cana, and let out a whinny. 
“Cana! We’ve been so lonely!” I said sarcastically.
“Hmph.” Cana clearly had been having a tantrum. “You were so far behind. I didn't think you would catch up that  quickly.”
“Well then. Surprise, Surprise.” I said sourly. I had completely forgotten about Cana’s glum little sidekick, Luna. Suddenly hoofbeats interrupted our ‘glorious’ little conversation. 
“Uh-oh…” Cana began. “Run!” She yelled. It was true. A bay stallion galloped towards us, eyes open, nostrils flared. On his back was a knight in chainmail armor who had sword in hand. 
“Good idea.” I said tonelessly. I leapt on to Paris’s back and cantered over to Cana.
“Get on!” I yelled.
“Are you officially mad?” Cana said.
“Nope!” And with that, I grabbed her arm and yanked her onto Paris.
“You certainly weren't kidding!” She managed to yell over top of the wind, hoofbeats and yells coming from behind us.
“Oi! You two!” The knight fella behind us yelled. I urged Paris into full gallop. 
“Come on girl! You can do this!” I whispered to the palomino mare. She lengthened her strides and strained her neck.
“Good girl!” I encouraged her. She had lots of muscle, and also had the speed of the thoroughbred.

The dark shadows of the forest loomed over us.
“Are you sure that this is the same forest?” Cana asked nervously.
“Absolutely sure!” I said positively. 
“Really?” She asked. As Paris slowed down to a canter, Luna popped her head around a tree and pulled a funny face.
“Yup.” I giggled at Luna. Luna pulled a grin. “And, by the way, how do wolves smile?” I asked Cana curiously. 
“I dunno.” Cana shrugged.
“Well that tells me lots.” I said hastily. Cana looked behind her shoulder. 
“Is that creepy guy gone?” Cana asked.
“Maybe.” I replied. “Let's go, Paris.” I coaxed the mare into an extended canter and watched the sunset from a gap in the trees.

Chapter 6:
In the night I heard Ashley mumble and toss around. She was usually so quiet when she was asleep. I bet when she was asleep she wouldn't notice if Paris screamed.
How do horses scream?
I got up and poked my nose in Ashley’s bag. Not much food. Still, I pulled out a thing Ashley called a ‘sandwich’. 
I munched it. Then spat it out. It was lettuce! Yuck!
Oops. I just realised. I. Spat. It. ON. ASHLEY’S. FACE.
Ashley was already half awake. I was in big trouble. I hid behind Paris. Bad idea. Paris lifted her hind hooves and kicked me right in the ribs.
I screamed! What on earth was wrong with this meanie-horse!?
“Cana!” Ashley yelled. ‘Are you alright!?”
“That meanie-horse!” I muttered under my breath. “She attacked me!” I yelled, pointing at Paris, who was giving innocent looks.
“Shut up,” Ashley said to me. “What were you doing anyway?”
“Ehm,” I mumbled. “Nothing?”
Ashley finally wiped the sandwich from her face. “Doesn't matter,” she said. “I know already.”
She laughed, as she got up on Paris. Soon I was running behind them, trying to catch up.
Suddenly I saw a creature dragging its way to Ashley. He wasn't a wolf, but he wasn't a human. It was something I hadn't seen before.
“Adalwolf!” Ashley screamed.
I finally caught up.
“Who?” I panted.
Ashley's didn't listen. She pulled out half the food in her backpack and stuffed it in the dog’s mouth.
“Hi!” I said in wolf language. He said some words that I understood, but the rest I didn't know what he was saying.
“Name…………Adalwolf…Dog,” was all I understood.
“He's Adalwolf, as a matter of fact,” Ashley said (rudely).
“Humph.” I humphed.
I watched Ashley pet Adalwolf for about half an hour, while I was sitting there, feeling very bored.
“What's so special about him?” I asked. “And not me?”
“You're a human!” She said.
“Not,” I replied.
“How far is your den?” Ashley demanded.
I thought. “About an hour or so away.”
She didn't seem too happy about that, even though we would be there in a twinkle if she let me ride Paris again.
“Any wooden huts?” She asked again.
“There is one about twenty miny-stuffs away. It's abandoned.”
A whole later we arrived at the hut. It took twice as long because Ashley was carrying Adalwolf. I got there first. I sat by the door.
When Ashley finally appeared, Adalwolf looked half dead. He probably was half dead.
“What?” Ashley said.
“I found it.” I said proudly.
“A tree-house?” Ashley muttered. “Are you serious?”
“Yup!” I said cheerfully. “Good enough, your majesty?” I added sarcastically.
“It's AWESOME!” She said.
Phew. I thought she was going to kill me.
We ran up the stairs and got to the doors. Inside was musty with cobwebs and a wooden chair and table.
“I'll kill an elk for dinner,” I said.
I didn't like the treehouse very much.
Not wild enough.

‘The rustle of leaves woke me from my thoughts. I pulled my bow out from behind my shoulder and aimed at where the noise was coming from. A black and white blur rushed through the bushes and let out a howl, like a scream. I rushed forward to see who it was, in case it was one of Canas wolf friends. But it wasn't.
“Adalwolf!” I screamed.’

Paris nudged me softly. 
“Hey, girl!” I murmured. She lifted her head, awake and alert. “Can you smell something? Can you smell something girl?” She looked off into the distance. A howl echoed through the forest.
“Cana, I think the pack has found you!” I called to her. Suddenly she let out an ear-piercing scream. “Cana, are you alright?” I asked.
“That meanie-horse!” Cana cursed under her breath. “That stupid horse attacked me!” She yelled. I let out a snigger. “Shut up,” Ashley said to me. “What were you doing anyway?”
“Ehm,” She mumbled. “Nothing?”
I finally wiped the sandwich from my face. “Doesn't matter,” I said. “I know already.”

I mounted Paris and cantered off into the distance, Luna nipping at our heels and Cana howling because we had ‘forgotten about her’. I was desperate to find the source of the weak howls. The rustle of leaves woke me from my thoughts. I pulled my bow out from behind my shoulder and aimed at where the noise was coming from. A black and white blur rushed through the bushes and let out a howl, like a scream. I rushed forward to see who it was, in case it was one of Canas wolf friends. But it wasn't.
“Adalwolf!” I screamed. 
The black and white sheepdog whimpered weakly as I felt his heartbeat. I fumbled around  took a blanket out of my bag wrapped it around him, before fumbling around some more and pulling out a few steaks and a jug of milk. Before I knew it, Adalwolf ripped the steaks out of my hand and looked painfully at the jug of milk. I poured some milk into my hand before Adalwolf lapped it up carefully, as if not to spill anything. 
Cana ran up quickly.
“Who?” Cana asked.
“Adalwolf, as a-matter-of-fact.” I said professionally. 
“Humph.” Cana mumbled. The woolly blanket covered him in what looked like snow, which suited the snowy background.
“What's so special about him?” Cana whined. “And not me?”
“You're a human.” I replied flatly. “How far is your den?” I demanded to Cana.
“Maybe around an hour.” She replied solemnly. 
Okay. Plan b.
“Are there any wooden huts?” I asked.
“There's one around 15-20 miny-things whatever you call them.” She said sourly.

The long trek through seemed twice as long when you were carrying a fully-grown sheepdog. When we finally got there, it was not what I anticipated. Instead of a mini hut, it was a tree hut. It was massive. Winding wooden stairs took us up to the top, which was a massive room with balcony and real doors.
“What?” I said.
“I found it.” Cana showed her pride.
“A tree-house?” I muttered. “Are you serious?”
“Is this good enough, your majesty?” Cana said bitterly.
“It's amazing!” I breathed.

Chapter 7
I came back half an hour later with a cow elk. I dragged it up the stairs, leaving a trail of blood. When I came to the top Ashley had lit a fire and Adalwolf was lying on the bed with a blanket from his tail to his nose.
I munched on the elk. Ashley asked me, “like the fireplace?”
“Dunno, cool?” I said.
I ate my elk in peace. Suddenly Ashley came up to me and started pouring something all over my elk.
“Hey!” I said.
“Want some gravy?” Ashley sniggered.
“Some WHAT?” I asked.
“Gravy,” Ashley repeated, still pouring it. It was going into the insides of my dinner and all over the floor.
I grabbed the jug and threw it into the fire. I smiled smartly.
“Nope!” I sniggered.
Soon I finished my elk. I curled up and went to sleep.
In the morning I got up. Outside the snow had thawed, and I saw grass and puddles everywhere. I felt like a dunk in the lake.
“Hey, Ashley?” I asked, shaking her.
She didn't wake up. I sighed, and shouted as loudly as I could,
“Ahh!!” Ashley woke with a start. “What's wrong?”
“I've got fleas,” I said. “I wanna go to the lake.”
“You haven't got fleas!” Ashley said. “Humans can't get fleas!”
“For the last time,” I said, “I am a WOLF!”
“Okay, Okay, we’ll go to the lake,” Ashley said.
I scampered down the stairs and stopped where Paris was standing.
Ashley leapt on Paris and we ran to the lake.
Ashley got off Paris and waded into the lake. “Ooohhhh, it's so cold!” She shivered.
I wondered why she went in with her clothes on. They'll be all wet and she will catch a cold! Serve her right. I ripped off my elk skin and dived head-first into the water.
“Eeeeeii!” I said. “This is nice!”
“Ehhh,” Ashley mumbled.
“What?” I asked.
“You're, umm,” Ashley muttered. “You're not wearing anything.”
“So?” I asked. Really, Ashley was being very stupid.
A while later I came out of the water. I had ripped my elk skin so much when I took it off it was unwearable.
We went back to the treehouse. I made the other elk skin wearable.
A few days later, Adalwolf felt much better. We talked a bit, but didn't say much to each other.
One day Ashley said, “are you in love with the lake?” She had been asking me that for a while now.
“Ok, I am,” I said. 
“How does the lake feel when it knows you are in nothing but your bare skin?” Ashley replied.
I laughed, realising she was having a joke. “I dunno, better ask him!” I smiled.
I ran off to the lake again.
Adalwolf and Ashley followed. Adalwolf loved it as much as I did. Even Paris went for a paddle.
Threw my elk skin away (again) and dived in the lake. I wanted to touch the bottom, so I swam to the bottom. My fingers almost reached the end, but I needed to breathe, so I swam back up.
I lifted my head from the water, to see a man beside the lake. Ashley was struggling, but the man had her.
“Cana!” Ashley yelled, as the man dragged her away. “Help!”
“Huh?” I muttered, wiping water from my eyes. But they had gone.

I swam to the edge of the lake. Adalwolf and Paris were still in the lake.
“Come on!” I said to them. They didn't understand me.
“Come and help Ashley!” I pleaded. Why didn't these brutes just shut up and listen to me?
I swam to the edge of the lake and started running. I ran as fast as I could. I followed their hoof prints.
I followed them until I came to the castle.
Suddenly I stopped. I felt so cold that ice was growing in my nostrils and I shivered. Then I realised why. I had forgotten my elk skin!!!
I ran until I found a herd of elk. I quickly killed a cow elk and ate the meat, and threw the skin over myself. Then I ran like the wind.

I pulled a box of matches out of my bag and lit a fire in the brick fireplace.
“How's that?” I asked.
“I dunno, cool?” Cana replied uncertainly.
Adalwolf was wrapped up in a blanket, sound asleep by the fire. Cana, on the other hand, was munching on an elk she had dragged up the stairs, through the closed doors and into the large room. Cana chomped loudly before I fumbled around in my bag, intending to find some gravy. 
“Aha!” I walked over to Cana and poured the whole bottle on top.
“Hey!” She yelled, waking Adalwolf from his snooze.
“Want some gravy?” I sniggered. She didn't have much of an option
“Some what?” Cana asked.
“Gravy!” I laughed. Does she know anything? I finished pouring the gravy, before she ripped the jug out of my grasps and chucked it into the flames.
“Nope!” She smiled sweetly. I turned my attention to Adalwolf. 
“Are you alright boy?” He lifted his nose, perhaps wanting more milk. “Adalwolf, this might be your last drink for a while.” I told him, smiling as I did so. He lapped up the milk.
“Right! I'm going to bed!” I yawned. I curled up on the floor and fell into a deep sleep.

“Ashley.” Cana shook me so that my second blanket fell down from my shoulders to just below my chest. “ASHLEY!” Cana yelled.
“Whaa?” I said, half asleep and attempting to wake up properly. I sat up and pulled my blanket back over my shoulders. 
“I have fleas, I want to go to the lake.” Cana complained. She sat down, curled around and picked at some of the fleas in her elk skin.
“You haven't got fleas!” I said. “Humans can't get fleas!” I pulled my green top on.
“For the last time,” She was unbearable, “I am a WOLF!”
“Okay, Okay, we’ll go to the lake,” I said.
I scampered down the stairs and stopped where Paris was standing. 
“Come on girl!” I jumped onto her back and coaxed her into a canter. 

I leapt off Paris and cannonballed into the lake. “Ooohhhh, it's so cold!” I shivered.
At that moment, Cana ripped off her elk skin and dived head-first into the water.
“Eeeeeii!” She said. “This is nice!”
“Ummmm,” I mumbled.
“What?” She asked.
“You're, umm,” I muttered. “You're not wearing anything.”
“So?” She asked. I decided to not tell her anything yet. It was about to get very funny. And I had no idea how right I was. 

During the next few days, Adalwolf made a complete recovery and Cana constantly visited the lake. 
“Are you in love with the lake?” I asked her for the millionth time. 
“Yes. As a matter I am!” She finally cracked. I sniggered. 
“How does the lake feel when it knows you are in nothing but your bare skin?” I giggled. Cana finally understood this as a joke.
“I'm not sure, better ask it!” She laughed. “I'm going to the lake. Gonna come?” Cana asked. 
“I suppose. Adalwolf!” I yelled. Adalwolf bounded towards me. “Let's go.” 

The ride to the lake was bumpy, as Paris constantly yanked her head down to rip up chunks of grass. When we finally got there, Cana ripped off her elk skin and dived in.
“Come on! It's refreshing!” Cana ducked her head under the water. Suddenly a hand held both my hand behind my back and dragged me into the trees.
“What? Who's there? CANA!” I screamed. I turned to see the teenage boy and his horse. I recognised him immediately. “You! CANA!” Cana popped her head above the water. 
“What?” She asked. She came up quick enough to see the stupid teenager dragging me away on his horse. “Come and help Ashley!” The remains of her voice echoed through the trees. “CANA!!!!!!!” I screamed one last time. But she couldn't hear me any longer.

Chapter 8
When I got to the castle the gate was still open. I saw the human with Ashley. There were people crowding around. Was Ashley secretly a murderer or something? Why we all those people so interested in seeing another one of their kind?
“Hang her! She killed my brother!” A man yelled angrily. 
“No. Put her on trial!” Another woman yelled.
“Be quiet! This lad will choose her fate!” A person pointed to the dude who had carried Ashley away in the first place
“Ok, we’ll put her in the dungeon. Then the King will deal with her.”
“Please! My dog and my horse! There still out there somewhere!” she squealed. 
“James! Go find her animals!” A guy growled at another young person. A bunch of knights crowded around Ashley.
“Seize her!”
Two people seized her by the arms and tied her to a wooden cart with rope. “Get those beasts to start pulling.”
They started galloping away, cursing at the horses to go faster.
I watched as they started carrying off Ashley.
I decided to go and snap some shins, so I took a deep breath and leapt into the scene.
CHOMP! I bit a knight’s chainmail boots.
SNAP! Off came someone’s toenail.
“Ahhhh!!!” Everyone was screaming.
Suddenly a blur of white fur sped into the courtyard. She leapt up onto a person’s face and started scratching.
“Aaarrrrrggghh!!!!” the person screamed. “Stop!!!”
I pulled Luna away with my teeth. The person’s face was bleeding.
“Nice one, sis!” I said. 
“Cana!” Luna yelled. “Look out!”
“Huh?” I said, as I turned around, then someone came out of a house with a stool and clocked me on the head.
I blacked out.
I woke up in a big, stone room. There was a thin carpet. In the corner there were a couple of beds. Lying on one was Ashley.
“Hey!” I said. “Wake up, lazy bones!”
“I was already awake,” she said.
“This place stinks,” I said.
“What!?” Ashley said. “What do you mean? It smells better than you do!”
“Ha ha, very funny, very funny.” I said dully.
Suddenly a voice appeared from the cell next to Ashley. “Stop arguing!” It said.
Ashley said “I'm going to sleep.”
I didn't answer. I just fell down on the bed, snoring loudly.

I felt a sting of guilt as the silver castle jumped into view. Except, everything was so quiet, so lonely. The purple turrets glowed in the afternoon sun. Everything had been going so well. Adalwolf had recovered fully and Paris was becoming more and more friendly. The worst things happen at the worst times.

“He's coming! He has actually  succeeded!” A murmur echoed through the cobblestone walls. “And, he has the  girl! Well done lad!” The knight congratulated that stupid teenager. While I had been roped behind a horse, others were being thanked for catching an innocent 11-old girl. Actually, while I think of it, not  so innocent. 
“Hang her! She killed my brother!” A man yelled angrily. 
“No. Put her on trial!” Another woman yelled.
“Be quiet! This young lad will choose her fate.” The head knight pointed to that stupid teenager. He thought for a moment. “We’ll put her in the dungeon. Then the King will deal with her.” The colour drained from my face. The King? This was about to get a whole lot worse than I thought. 
“Please! My dog and my horse! There still out there somewhere!” I begged. 
“James! Go find her animals!” The head knight growled at a young knight, maybe in his late 20’s. A bunch of knights crowded around me.
“Seize her!” One yelled. 2 Knights seized me by the arms and tied me to a wooden cart with rope. “Get those beasts to start pulling.” The same knight pointed to a mouse grey pinto and a chestnut pinto cart horse at the front of the cart. At once, the cart driver pulled out a long whip and whipped the 2 horses, making them go into a steady trot. 
“Faster you beast!” The man whipped the grey pinto once more, making it spook. He was a short man, like the size of a dwarf who wore a small brown cowboy hat and a green tuxedo. The 2 horses raced into a fast gallop. “That's better!” The man muttered as he steadied himself. All of a sudden, Cana leapt into the scene and started the attack.
CHOMP! She bit a knight’s chainmail boots.
SNAP! Off came someone’s toenail.
“Eeeeeeeeehhhhhh!!!” Everyone was screaming.
Suddenly a blur of white fur sped into the courtyard. It leapt up onto a person’s face and started scratching.
“Aaarrrrrggghh!!!!” the person screamed. “Stop!!!”
Cana pulled Luna away with her teeth. The person’s face was bleeding like mad. I giggled as I caught the last of the action as we headed around the corner, towards a great, stone building. So this is where where I'm going to spend the rest of my life. Lovely. 

The stone cells were horrifying. The only things in there were chamber pots, EXTREMELY uncomfortable-looking mattresses, and little wooden tables. One young man in the cell looked like a bomb, although he looked only around 15-years-old.
“Well, what do you know? It's a girllllll!” He hissed. He gave me the creeps. 
“You'll be going upstairs, with the other girls.” The guard told me. 
“Well, it's better than being down here with that creep.” I replied sourly. The guard showed me my cell. Instead of chamber pots, there was a little room in the corner with a mouldy old toilet and a basin. Instead of the uncomfortable mattresses, there was a four poster bed with a bedside table with a chair. After I was thrown in my cell, I collapsed onto the bed and snoozed for a while. I was woken by the sound of a door opening and being slammed shut again. 
“Cana?” I whispered.
“Hey!” Cana said. “Wake up, lazy bones!”
“I was already awake,” I insisted.
“This place stinks!” Cana muttered.
“Well, it smells better than you do!” I added sourly.
“Haha, very funny.” Cana replied dully.
“Stop arguing, you two!” The girl in the cell opposite me complained.
“Tell her to stop being a pain in the neck!” I spat back. She didn't reply. “I'm tired. I'm going to bed.” I yawned. Cana didn't reply. She was already asleep.

Chapter 9
“WAAKKEE UP ASHLEEYY!!!” I yelled in Ashley’s ear.
“Huh?” Ashley muttered, jumps slightly.
“You're about to miss brekka,” I said.
“What's brekka?”
“Breakfast.” I replied. “Duuh!”
“Thanks for the breakfast!” Ashley yelled.
I shrugged.
“Say thanks, Cana!”
“Ehm, Thanks?” I asked.
The waitress didn't look too happy with me for some reason.
Unfortunately for me, it wasn't raw meat like I usually had. It was ham (which I had heard of before,) bacon, eggs and toast, and I had no idea what they were.
I crunched the toast, and jumped back as crumbs went flying. “Ahh! It's alive!!!” I yelled.
Ashley laughed.
I ate the ham. It was OK. Not like elk.
When I had finished I looked out the barred window. I saw people rushing around everywhere. This was like the forgotten tower. The Tower for people who aren't important.
“So this King is going to see us?” I said.
“Yeah,” Ashley said. “In a few days.”
“What do we do in the meantime?” I asked.
Ashley shrugged.
For a few days we lived in the ‘forgotten tower’, until one day the waitress came and said the King was coming.
I was scratching myself when the King arrived. He had a red robe, and brown hair and beard, and a crown perched on his head.
“Morning,” I said casually, not taking much notice of him.
He was quiet. I turned around. “What?”
“Maya?” The King said. “Is that you?”
I spat. “No! I'm Cana!”
“I know Maya anywhere!” The King said. “Why are you here, darling!?”
“What?” I muttered. The King opened the door.
“Maya!” The King said joyfully.
I looked at him like he was a complete weirdo. “I've never seen you in my life!”
I walked out anyway.
The King lifted me up and twirled me around. “Darling Princess Maya! Where have you been!?”
I scratched him and he dropped me. “I'm a wolf!”
Suddenly Ashley butted in the conversation. “She thinks she's a wolf.”
“I am a wolf, stupid,” I said.
“No, you're my daughter, Maya! You're Princess Maya!”

I waited for the sun to creep along the horizon and wake me up like an alarm clock. But it never did.
“WAKE… UP… ASHLEY!!!” Cana whined.
“Wha, wha?” I said blindly.
“You're about to miss brekka.” Cana said dully.
“What Brekka?” I asked.
“Who cares… My life is gone. There's nothing left to it!” I moaned. Just at that moment  a waitress strutted into the room with plates of ham, bacon, eggs and toast. 
“Your breakfast!” She said in a Scottish accent.
“Thanks! This will be the best meal I've had in ages!” I thanked her. I looked Cana. She shrugged.
“Say thanks!” I whispered. 
“Ohhh, umm, thanks?” Cana said uncertainly. The waitress didn't look very happy with Canas lack of manners.
Cana bit into a piece a toast, but leapt back as the crumbs went flying. 
“IT'S ALIVE!” She screamed in horror. I sniggered.
“Cana, it can't be alive because it never was alive!” I sniggered. I stacked eggs, bacon and toast onto my plate before dumping a load of ketchup on top. 
“Can I have some?” The girl from the opposite cell asked. 
“How?” I asked. She smiled.
“Like this!” She held her hand out, and the plate of ham flew over to her. She stuffed it in her mouth. “Mmmmm, that's good!” She enjoyed our  food. 
“Umm, okay?!” Was all I said. 

For days on end we lived like this. Delicious meals, hearing moans from the men downstairs, and dealing with that girl.
“By the way. What  is your name?” I asked. 
“Why do you need to know?” She spat. There was a clear rivalry between us. 
“What is your name?” I asked calmly. She relaxed a little. “We are going to be here for a while.” 
“Jessa.” She replied.

Cana was scratching herself when the King arrived. He had a red robe, and brown hair and beard, and a crown perched on his head.
“Morning,” Cana said casually, not taking much notice of him.
He was quiet. Cana turned around. “What?”
“Maya?” The King said. “Is that you?”
Cana spat. “No! I'm Cana!”
“I know Maya anywhere!” The King said. “Why are you here, darling!?”
“What?” She said.
“Maya!” He collapsed in joy.
Cana looked at him. “I've never seen you in my life.” She said sourly.
The King lifted her up and twirled her around. “Darling Princess Maya! Where have you been!?”
She scratched him and he dropped her. “I'm a wolf!”
“She really does think she's a wolf. She lived with them for the past ten years.” I added.
“I'm a wolf, stupid!” She was angry.
“No,” he began. Tears shone in his eyes. “You're my daughter, Maya! You're Princess Maya!”

The End… 
Until the next book

The Wild: Wild Princesses

(When Ashley and Cana met)
(When Ashley and Paris met)(When Cana and Ashley had the argument next to the castle)
(When Ashley was kidnapped and taken to the castle and Cana was having a 'bath')
(When Ashley and Cana were thrown into the 'Forgotten Tower')

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