Thursday, 7 July 2016

Study on Prejudice - Term 2

So there you are, just getting off a small boat (and it doesn't look like a boat) which stenches of seagull poop and seaweed. You take a deep breath and smile. Welcome to a new country! Suddenly a random person comes up to you. You're about to say ‘hi’ when he sniggers and says, “Hey dude, were you hiding your bomb?”
Huh!? What? “W-what bomb?” You say, raising one brow.
He laughs and stalks off. “L-O-L! Foreigners these days…DERP!”

There is a problem in New Zealand. Which, personally, I don't understand, because NZ is a beautiful country and it doesn't deserve a problem. And the problem is that a lot of immigrants  (people from other countries) feel discriminated against. (Discrimination is kind of like not letting people do something because of what they look like, what their gender is, etc etc. It's like another kind of prejudice. )

Did you know that every 1 in 10 immigrants in New Zealand feel discriminated against?  Actually that's not a fun fact, that's a sad fact. :(

Prejudice is pre-judging people. In other words, judging people by what they look like, where they come from, etc etc. If you still don't get it, an example is ‘You're in a choir, so come on! Sing! I know you're good at it!’ or ‘You're 18, you can drive a car!’ That's just little things, but it gets worse! (Too many ‘worse’ things in the world if you ask me.) ‘You come from a different country! (Say Naimraria). Naimraria is bad, so you're stupid.’

Pre-judging someone (say a celebrity) isn't good, even if they aren't listening to you, because if there are fans of those celebrities next to you, they might feel angry. Me and my friends like watching Minecraft Youtubers, and sometimes they say ‘Stampy is funnier than DanTDM!’ (not true. They are both awesome YouTubers. I recommend watching their videos.

People usually pre-judge other people by what country they're from. You meet someone really nice from, let's say, Iran? Does it matter if they're from there? Nope! Two minutes later you're great friends. Unfortunately this doesn't happen every time. Also people pre-judge by their skin-colour. Talking about that, never call someone ‘black’ or ‘white’. It's racist. (No offence to any readers out there.)

By now, you can tell prejudice is not good. Maybe we can make some signs saying ‘Stop World Prejudice!’ or ‘Send Prejudice to Jail!’   There are so many different types of Prejudice, Age-Isim, what their home is like. Etc etc.
Prejudice happens everywhere. A few years ago in school people used to tease my best friend for his last name. I'm not going to tell you it, because it's embarrassing for him.  If someone is prejudice towards you, it doesn't make you feel good. It's a bit embarrassing, actually. And sometimes people do it without knowing they are. Sometimes you do it. But doing it deliberately and doing it without knowing are two different things, so I guess if you didn't mean it then you are forgiven. 

But yeah, you get the idea. Prejudice isn't good. And if we stop prejudice I bet everyone would be way happier. Then finally The Rise of Fun and Games can take place and be a good ruler over us all. And everyone will live happily ever after. The end. Not. No, I haven't finished yet.

People are usually discriminated against because of their skin colour, race, nationality, etc etc. Maybe by how old they are, (some 10-year-olds think their too cool to play with little 5-year-old kids, but nobody I know.) Another example of discrimination is some people hire workers for shops, (say a farmer), and he puts up a notice saying ‘farmers required. Age must be between 18-30. Boys only.’ Although some things need to stay boys only and girls only, like the changing rooms and toilets at the pool.

*awkward silence*.

Skin colour/race is a biggie. Most people get discriminated and pre-judged by their skin colour, nationality, etc etc. (I don't know how many times I've said ‘etc etc’ in this document, but who cares). After all, Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends? Why can't we be friends?! :D

What I'm saying is discrimination is bad and just because someone is a little bit different than you it doesn't mean you can't be friends! Why can't we be frie- *SMASH*
Okay, okay, I'll stop now! Geez.

Hang on, I'm not finished yet.

O-Kay, so now we're going to do a bit of role play.

You've just hopped off a plane. You've flown 8 hours to another country; a better country to live in. And you almost died of boredom. Okay, you didn't die of boredom. You get the idea. Anyway, you are walking towards the luggage-pick-up-area-thing-a-ma-jig, when someone comes up and says, “Hi! How are you today?”
“Good, thanks, how are you?” you ask.
You have a nice conversation before you pick up your luggage and start to leave. Then he stops you, and says, “Here's a list of my favourite restaurants, they have really nice food here!” (In my opinion, Miso Soup all the way.)
Okay, next part of the role play.
That night you go to a restaurant to have dinner. The finest Miso Soup in all the world!!! (Typical, Naima, typical.) Suddenly, I see some people pointing and staring. You shrug casually, and try to ignore them. You stare down at your soup, trying to hide your face, but it's really hot and steaming. You hear people sniggering and see them pointing. This is not what you expected. Especially as people were so nice to you at the airport.

So we obviously do not want to do the unwelcome things. Because imagine coming to a new country and all these people are pointing and staring and giggling and muttering, etc etc. (I really need to stop saying etc etc, but whatever.) Now imagine yourself coming to a new country and there are people shaking your hand, saying ‘Hi, how are you?’ ‘Can I carry your luggage for you?’ ‘How are you today?’ Etc etc.

Me: Iris!?
Iris: STOP IT!!! JUST STOP IT!!!!!
Me: Okay, Iris, I'll stop, I'll stop!

Phew. That's my little sister. She may be only 2 ½,  but she's really rough.

And to end the whole article, here are the 7 wonders questions of the world (in my opinion.)
Why is it important to make changes in the way we welcome immigrants to NZ?
If we do make a change, what would it be like for the future?
Does Nyan Cat exist?
How do you make immigrants feel welcome?
Where is the nearest ice-cream truck?
If we make changes into the way we welcome immigrants to NZ will the world be a better place? (Random question.) And...
Did you even read all these 7 ‘questions’ of the world?

No, wait, I'm still not quite done yet.
If we do happen to change the way we welcome immigrants into NZ (and we all have to help) then people will enjoy NZ more (without people prejudging them, or them feeling discriminated against) and everyone will life happily ever after.


We need to ALL get in and welcome people. ALL. Unless you're really busy being forced to do boring stupid homework.
Mrs. Pageot: ahem.
Me: n-nothing…
Well, you don't have to, but if you do see someone who looks slightly different than everyone else who has just come to NZ, go up to them and say ‘hi’!
In other words, ‘don't judge a book by it's cover’.
Wow, I really just wrote a whole article when I could've just said ‘don't judge a book person by its cover skin colour, age, gender, race, etc etc.’.
So remember to not prejudge random people on the street, and if you see anyone feeling pre judged or discriminated against, try and help. (By probably becoming friends with them). And if everyone does that, then everyone will be happy, and we will all live happily ever after.


  1. That was really great and informative, I learnt alot. Your writing shows alot on how racism and prejudice can affect the world in a bad way, and how to stop it, and how many ways the word prejudice can be used and how to use it. Great work!
    -Emma F


  2. Naima you left me deep in thought wondering with that last verse which is once again a stunning piece of writing. Oh boy reading all of these have determined me to try not to do prejudice. When are you publishing something new? because I cant wait to read it.