Wednesday, 14 September 2016


Once there was a Swagger Doggy
He was really cool and fun.
He loved going to the beach
And playing games while in the sun.

One day he met an Unicorn, 
The Unicorn was not nice.
He smelt of mouldy socks,
And 6-day-old dead mice.

The Unicorn made fun of him,
He pointed, laughed and sneered.
The Swagger Doggy was very sad,
And thought that it was weird.

That night Swagger Doggy went home,
And thought about that day.
And how the evil Unicorn
Had barged into his way.

Next day Swagger Doggy came back
To play on the beach with his friends,
The Unicorn was there as well,
Driving everyone round their bends.

“Hi there, stupid Swagger Doggy!
How you doing? Hey? Wassup?
Where’d you get those silly shades?
They make you look like a pup!”

Swagger Doggy felt hurt and alone,
His friends had run away;
But he knew he couldn't let this bully
Ruin everyone’s day!

So he ran after the Unicorn
And bit him on the bum!
The Unicorn shrieked and screamed and yelled,
For he was so very dumb.

Swagger Doggy laughed and laughed
Until all the tears came,
And all the other doggies
Came out and played a game.

Super Kitten woke up one day
To find her house a mess.
“Oh my goodness, what happened here!?
Someone’s stolen my favourite dress!”

Super Kitten phoned 111
And screamed “YOU’VE GOT TO HELP ME!!!

Unfortunately the thief had visited 
The cops as well as Kitty,
And stolen their cars and keys
The sight was not very pretty.

Super Kitten ran out of her house
Stopping for breakfast; very brief,
She looked left, right, up and down
But no sight of the sneaky thief.

“Oh no! What am I do to?
I can't find the thief anywhere!
I guess I'll just give up 
It's disappeared into thin air.

Just then she saw a flash of pink
It was her favourite dress!
But somebody was holding it,
Super Kitten started to stress.

“Give me my dress!” She yelled at the thief,
Who was an unicorn,
“No! I like it!” He shot back,
Looking at her with scorn.

Super Kitten flew at the unicorn
On him before you could say 10,
And tickled him until he cried
“Stop! I won't do it again.”

He returned the dress, the keys, the cars,
And another bit and bob,
And the he sulked and skulked away,
For he was just a snob.

Super Kitten was happy again,
And wore her favourite dress,
Because she was a Super Kitten,
She wanted to look her best.

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