Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Rise of the Doodle (Speech 2016)

My speech is about how kid should be able to doodle in their books. 
When writing my speech I was learning to over-react (which was rather easy,eg 150-20,000,000. The real thing is 150-19,999,999. And to use repetition-thing-a-ma-jig, which means repeating. Eg, the word ‘kawaii watermelon’.
Also I was learning how to speak SLOWLY (which I am not very good at), when I was delivering my speech. I think I still talked a bit fast when I was sharing it with everyone.
It went well, because even though I didn't get a placing, I got into the finals. And it was fun sharing my speech to everyone, even though I got that feeling when nothing is real and you feel like you're in a dream, you know that feeling?
Anyway, enjoy the speech!  You can listen to it here


So, you're in class. The sun is shining, and you should be outside, playing, but no. You are being forced to do- *ugh* -maths. Your mind is blank. The next page in your book is also blank. You look around the classroom to make sure the teacher isn't near, then grab a pen. A few seconds later your page is teeming full of drawings. THE ZOMBIES DRAGGED THEMSELVES TOWARDS THE DOOR, MOANING, “BRAIIINZZZZ!!!” A HUGE MONSTER TRUCK ROARS INTO ACTION, FLYING ACROSS THE BUMPY GROUND. And in the middle of the rumpus is an adorable kitten, purring softly. 

So yeah. We all doodle. Well, most of us, anyway. In our books. But really, you should see my planning book. You will never guess how many wolves, cats, and crazy nincompoop stuff I have drawn. Somewhere between 150-20,000,000.


I think kids should be allowed to doodle in their books.  Remember that time when you were in class and you should've be writing about ‘how Brussel sprouts were created’, but you had no idea what you were doing (because you weren't listening to the teacher; be honest, you weren't, were you?). Then you start doodling; it's a random diagram of a Brussel sprout. And your teacher comes up behind you and says, “Why, GABRIELLA! That is the most INCREDIBLE diagram of a Brussel sprout!” And then she shares it with the class. And doodling saved your life from being told off. Hallelujah. There we go.

Or you’re in maths, and you are trying to figure out the hardest question in the world: 729 x 28, and you just draw a random number, and start doodling all around it. And your teacher comes up to you and says, “Why EMILY, how did you know the answer was 20,412? And I love your doodling, you get 10 points for your group because of that AMAZING doodle!!”

Or you're SUPPOSED to be writing a story on Safari (even though you were planning to go and watch something on YouTube), but instead you find a website, and it is actually a doodling competition, and you win and become a world-famous animator and win an iPhone73s, a golden Labrador puppy, $5,000,000 and an ice cream. And your Mum and Dad are so proud they say, “Why, IRIS! We are so proud of you, HONEY BUNNY DARLING SWEETHEART BO-BA-CHO-KA-CHO!!!” 

Okay, the last one didn't really have anything to do with doodling in your schoolbook.

But about doodling. Doodling is a creative activity, where you can draw ANYTHING you want. ANYTHING. There's no wrong answers in doodling. Unlike maths, where, when you figure out a question, there is only one answer. 100 + 100 = 200. And 200 ONLY. 57 x 17 = 969. And yes, I did need a calculator to figure that out. Basically, doodling is the best thing invented since sliced bread. 

If you're wondering, ‘how does doodling help learning?’ Well, what are things that stress you out? Tests? Maths? Your parents telling you off for ‘hurting your little sister’ (even though it was your little sister pulling half your hair off your head)? And how do we fix all  those problems? No, not ice cream, no, not superman, doodling! Reason? It calms you down! Because when you're really nervous about something, say a test, and you doodle, you forget about the scary things because you're so into drawing that epic picture of a kawaii watermelon! And at the test you don't worry bout a thing, and you share your picture of a kawaii watermelon, and you get an A+.

Plus doodling gives inspiration. Sometimes I watch animations, and it inspires me. Then I draw lots of pictures and put them together, and hallelujah, I have an animation. And now I animate all the time. And then, with my animations, I inspired my friends to animate, and now we all make awesome animations. And my animations are doodling, just doodling on an iPad.

So that is my proof that doodling is better than everyone thought. True, it does distract people from learning (a little), but it also teaches, makes the world (and your book) a more creative place, and gives ideas. And I hope this 2-page-long speech is enough proof. So what are you doing? Get your pen and paper and start doodling!


  1. I loved the expression you put in to it I can Connect to your speech because when I feel under pressure doodl and it makes me feel better and happy

  2. This was a really funny speech. But it wasn't just the speech itself it was the way you said it to. I also agree we should be aloud to doodle in our books! I mean I love looking at your planning book it's so filled with inspiration!