Thursday, 10 November 2016

The Day My Hands Turned Blue.

(Believe it or not, this is a true story).

It was a blustering, rainy Wednesday. We were miserably walking towards Waimairi School. We had been at Athletics in St James Park, but the drizzly rain had started to pour. The cloud gods were tipping buckets of water down on us. 
Carys and I were trudging along, getting our feet wet and muddy in the puddles. I kept on tugging my hat further over my head, even though it was soaking wet. I felt like ringing my hat out, and I thought lots of water would come dribbling out of it.
Mrs Bentall was telling us to keep up with the others.
So there we were, hurrying along in the rain. Suddenly Carys said,
“Hey, what's that on your hand?”
I looked at my hand. Part of it was blue! Dark, navy blue!
Brr! It was so cold, my hands were turning blue! 
“It must be so cold my hands are turning BLUE!” I said.
Just then Mrs Bentall joined in the conversation.
“Maybe it's your bag or your jacket!” she said. True. My bag and my jacket were both dyed navy blue. 
Mrs Bentall wiped her hand on my bag. “Not this.” She wiped her hand on my jacket. “Nope, not that either.”
Then she squeezed my hat in her hands. When her hand came away, it had a navy blue smudge on it.
“It's your hat! It's the dye in your hat!” she said.
“Hah!” I said. “And I thought it was the cold!”

The End.

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