Saturday, 17 December 2016

Attack of the Crazy Popcorn Creatures

I looked at the strange box that had arrived in my post. I could tell it was for me, because it said:
“To: Queen Naima,
Naimrarian Palace,
South Naimraria”.
But it didn't say who it was from anywhere.
“Maybe if I open the box it will tell me who it's from,” I wondered out loud.
I got my pocket knife and tore it open. Inside was a bag of popcorn, you know, the ones you put in the microwave and then you eat the popcorn out of the bag. But anyway, the bag said on the front, ‘MAGIC POPCORN!’
I grinned. Probably someone sent me this for a prank.
“I hope it's sweet and salty popcorn,” I said, putting the bag in the microwave anyway.
I put it on for a few minutes, and went into my living room to get a good book to read while I ate the popcorn.
I was halfway down the stairs with a book under my arm when I suddenly heard a smash. I dropped the book and rushed downstairs.
There, frowning and looking very menacing, stood some Popcorn. I mean, giant popcorn. As tall as myself.
“Hi!” I said cheerfully. “What are you?”
Then an especially ferocious-looking piece of Popcorn (I'm guessing he was the Chief Popcorn) came up to me and said,
“We are the Popcorn Creatures.”
Crazy Popcorn Creatures,” I laughed.
“HOW DARE YOU!!!!!!” The Chief Popcorn howled.
“I'm only telling the truth,” I argued with my most innocent smile.
The Popcorns were going as red as an overripe tomato.
“But what are you doing here?” I asked, quickly changing the subject.
“We want to take over this castle and have it for our own!” They laughed.
I was prepared for this. Lots of people wanted to take over my palace.
“Ok, first of all you can't because this is mine, second it's a palace, not a castle.” Ha!
“Whatever. It's ours now. Gimme the crown.”
“I don't have a crown,” I raised an eyebrow. “I lost it.”
“What an excuse,” the Chief Popcorn sneered. “Come on, hand it over.”
“I really don't appreciate----”
“Hurry up, stupid human!!!” they sniggered.
“RIGHT!” I bellowed, suddenly losing my temper. “THAT WAS THE LAST STRAW!!!” I grabbed a butter knife that was on the table and pointed it at the popcorn. “Get back in the microwave where you belong,” I snarled.
Shakily, the Crazy Popcorn Creatures hopped back into the microwave. I picked it up and opened the window, hurling the microwave outside. I saw it splash into the lake. A gardener looked up.
“Tut tut, Queen Naima, littering again!”
“Sorry,” I yelled down sheepishly, and closed the window.
I never saw the Crazy Popcorn Creatures again.

One day, a while after that, I was sitting at the table eating breakfast when a parcel arrived...


  1. What a tale what a tale. Just like you Naima just like you. I can hardly not have seen this coming LOL. OF COURSE I COULD WITH A BRAIN LIKE YOURS FULL OF imagination YOU COUKD BE ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE BE A WRITER WHEN YOUR OLDER!!!!! This piece is one of your best yet!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Awesome Naima! I hope you become an author one day too(because I agree with Lily Grace) because I'd like to read your books all day long! The "crazy popcorn 🍿 people" was genius! I would like to be an author some day! hope you do to!XXXX